Why now????

The title of my blog is the phrase that I grew up repeatedly hearing. When did this phrase not become a part of my life? When did it change?? When did I stop sharing parts of my life with family and friends?? When did I stop talking too much???

I don’t know when or why it changed. I have my ideas of why….but that can be part of “my story” for later…… but I do know that my kids are missing “stories” of my life, “stories”of their lives. Past stories of my parents and their dads parents. Love stories….funny stories….heart breaking stories…stories of bravery…..stories of mistakes. Why?? Because I stopped “talking too much”.

I recently took a car ride to the mountains and had a rare chance to “truly talk” with my thirteen year old son. Let me tell you….after having a chatty daughter that talked about everything and anything, I have struggled with a man child that feels a yes or no answer is deeply violating to his sense of privacy. What opened him up???? Stories of his life. He wanted to hear every story I could remember. Not wanting to break the magic of this moment, I was frantically trying to remember funny stories from his tough boy toddler times….his “beautiful baby” infancy etc. and for once….. he wanted to talk. He was laughing, listening and he was leaning forward attentive and asking over and over for me to keep talking….keep telling him “about his life”. It was a therapy for us. For this time in our life. The sad thing….I was struggling to remember these precious times. Times that should be imprinted in my mind. That shouldn’t be hard to dredge up…but life has gotten in the way. In the way of these precious memories….my mind is being muddled with personal things…heart matters….business and financial matters…..and I cannot let that happen. I do not want to lose those precious times and memories. So…… I am going to begin writing about them…..I want to relive those precious times. I want to write about the history of my family. Re-live the moments of my children’s lives that has all too quickly become a “memory”. I want to laugh again about the funny and rotten stories of my brothers and sisters. So this is my disclaimer….my warning attached to my blog…..

WARNING everyone…children….brothers and sisters…..cousins…aunts and uncles….old boyfriends…best-friends..childhood friends…family…..no-one will be exempt. I want to talk about the times that we all shared….but most of all….I want to remember. I believe just like the day with my son…this will be a time of therapy.

For my children who have decided that a “moms” voice has become irritating and who do NOT believe that I have stopped talking too much…….I will share moments with you here……moments that one day I believe you will treasure….how do I know you will? I know, because I am treasuring them now.

For my niece who is now constantly told….”you talk too much”….I think about how we could have lost you forever a couple of days ago and I want to tell you….TALK…..we would have missed your bubbly, chatty voice…all of us…..don’t stop talking. Talk…..remember……share……..We will all be listening……..

For family and friends….stop by….read my blog…..and yes, you may say……Rebecca….you’re talking TOO much…..especially when the story is about you. Just know that I will respectfully share our memories……and know this…..

I am so thankful for the fact that even now memories are finding their way to the surface. I feel my mind remembering…they will be “our stories”….they will be “my story”…they will be my “children’s stories”….and hopefully…..a time when we all can reconnect…… and I cannot wait to share them with you. Stop by and remember them with me…..

Let’s remember to talk.



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  • July 9, 2008 at 10:01 pm

    One more time!!! There is a balm for the hurting soul. It isn’t near as good as the first comment.

  • April 12, 2011 at 2:15 pm

    So I wanted to go back & read more about you so I figured I need to start at the beginning…& of course you made mecry! How wonderful that you had that special trip with your son & the time to realize how important it is to talk & to share. Reading this post has made me want to do better in my life. I can’t wait until I have more time to read all of your posts…I hope you have a blessed day!


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