Memory Ride

Stopped by my flat footed mothers today and saw my sister “N” outside mowing their lawn. By the way..check out her picture, she is proud of her “tanned” legs, (that’s why her shorts are rolled up)….I was just proud they were shaved : ) She has worked so hard on getting her body where she feels good about herself. We are all proud of her. Love seeing her at home with mom and dad. In my defense, I used mom’s camera so please excuse the fact that her date isn’t set and still reads the day that she purchased her camera. We’re taking mom into the digital age in baby steps…..

As I pulled up next to “N” mowing by the pond, I could hear the creaking of my memory bank being opened. The dust was swirling inside the unused “recollection” sections of my brain….and *poof*…there it was…a memory.

I could see it as clear as yesterday….the thrill of riding daddy’s new Sears driving lawn mower.

We had moved into a neighborhood with several well to do families. The biggest home we had ever had. A beautiful home my mother and father had especially created for our family. We were not well to do…..we were the “children” of the developer. Now as a grown up real estate educated adult myself, I now see how we “made it” into that neighborhood. I remember the kids that were living in that neighborhood. Private schools, expensive toys, the best name-brand clothes and then…..there were the “Youngs“.

It was seeing Natalie loving the freedom of driving daddy’s lawnmower that brought to mind our enjoyment of riding the brand new Sears mower we were so excited to get. We would ride…with the blade up of course….all around that neighborhood. It was OUR “young style” four wheeler. Our keys to freedom….the wind in our face….well, not really much wind, because we were only allowed to take it to second gear, but oh….the “slight breeze” and freedom.

The funny thing was….to us, it was cool.Wonder what the other parents thought when they drove home in their Volvo station wagons by the “young” kids straddling three at a time, driving on the mower right past their well manicured lawns. I couldn’t blame them…don’t know if I would maybe even do the same now myself…..they probably laughed. We wouldn’t have noticed….we were laughing and enjoying our moment so much. It was what we knew and what we loved. Could the kids have been making fun of us behind our backs??? I don’t know…but I do know those kids sure loved hitching rides on the “Young families Sears freedom ride”. Bet the parents really loved it when they saw their own child on our “ride of style” waving and smiling at them when they would drive by.

What a mom and dad we have and had, that would let us take something that I’m sure was a sacrifice for them to even purchase and use it for plain ole’ pleasure. How excited daddy was I’m sure when they were able to purchase it. It was something of value that I know we didn’t have until that time in our life but they let us kids use it to have pure fun.

I remember one slumber party running the mower into a tree and busting the tank that held water at the front of the mower…..and my memory does not recall a father that got upset at what we had done. I remember being sad about it…..I hope I wasn’t sad just because I selfishly valued it more-so than daddy even did but hopefully sad because of daddy’s face when he saw the crack. The sacrifices given throughout my childhood that I truly didn’t appreciate.

What a lesson as a parent. What was more valuable to mom and dad? What their neighbors thought?? The value of their new Sears riding lawn mower ?? Seeing the thrill on their children’s faces as they drove “our family treasure?? I believe and know it was the last.

What a memory. What a lesson. What parents.

We didn’t know any different….we just knew we had the coolest house that all the kids would hang out at. Cardboard box clubhouses, roller skating parties in the basement, ice skates bought at yard sales to skate in the creek in our back yard. Nothing but memories in the making.

I remember other times in our life……bigger more expensive “toys”, but the memories are nowhere near as precious as “Young families Sears freedom ride”.

The best memories … the ones we didn’t even know we were making.


Thank you “N” for the reminder.

Thank you my petite flat footed momma and Hazard boy daddy for your generous parenting.

Thank you for remembering with me.



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