Taking the long way home………

I would like to say how thankful I am for so many of you that have been emailing me….calling me…..and talking to me about “our” blog. I am so glad we all are enjoying it. I have loved from hearing from so many of you. Some of you have your friends reading as well. Would love to hear from them too.

I would like to encourage everyone to post their comments on the blog so we can all enjoy them as well. That is one of the hardest things to get started on “your blog”….getting your group into the habit of posting their thoughts regarding the blog…..

I would love it, as it will trigger where we head next with our “memories” and “stories”.

I have some neat ideas and memories have been bubbling up…….so be ready! Going to get a scanner so I can use some “old” family and friend photos…..hee hee…..this is going to be fun!

This blog is not just for family……it’s family and friends…..I want us all to gain from these stories. Be touched and encouraged….so remember, everyone is welcome to post comments. It may take an extra minute….but it will be worth it!

That is what this blog is about today….I was blessed with parents that didn’t mind sometimes taking “an extra minute” to make a memory.

We could be on road trips in the “dusty trusty wagon” and see an intriguing side road…..an old house…..bubbling beautiful creek and so much more. If we asked what that was……wonder where that went….or any other questions regarding, we knew we could get our Momma to work her magic words with Daddy.

It would be scripted something like. “Hazard Boy, why don’t we check it out”……..no comment…….”Hazard Boy…..think the kids would love this”……..little bit of the jaw locking from Hazard Boy….to the sweet encouraging words of , “Hazard Boy, Stop the car…..we’ll ALL love this”……..he’d grudgingly stop….turn….or go back to what we all knew was going to be an adventure.

His love of history and nature would catch up to our love of mystery and we would all be ready for what we were getting ready to experience.

I learned this from them and still try to implement taking he long way home with my children. Doing the unusual. Letting myself take a side road that we have always wondered where it went. I did just that once with my niece and daughter one time a couple of years ago and we literally came through the woods onto an Oak lined driveway with slave cabins crowding us on each side of a dirt road that ended with a Beautiful Graceful Plantation home at the end of the drive. Magic….and a memory that could never be taken away. We were all so excited. Took us a long time to get home on what normally would have been an 1 1/2 hour drive but I promise the long way home was so worth it…..

The pictures below are from a day like that. We were visiting my sister in Ohio when I said…..I would love to see inside that abandoned house we all saw on the side of the road earlier. She stated that she had been wanting to as well and that was all it took. We packed up a car of excited kids and headed out…..

And once again………..worth it………..

I promise if you take the long way home…..the side road you have always wondered where it would lead…….you may make a memory that will become precious.

Enjoy our side road below…..we did…….
This house literally was grand in it’s day……….not far from the interstate…but literally left to rot…..look at the work on the porch railings. I love that! The shape of the windows and doors below the graceful porch. It was perched on a high hill and must have looked so grand in its “day”.

We were all a little skittish and trust me the adults were making sure there were no “lurking visitors” or danger areas for the children. I was standing at the top of the stairs and hearing an odd humming………we later found out that it wasn’t ghosts…but a huge wasp nest. Sorta rushed this memory to the first floor.

Look at the curve of this staircase and the wood is still so beautiful. You could tell that it would only take some major elbow grease and it would be as beautiful as the day it was made.
Loved the old doors………..doors like this that withstand the elements without cracking…..fading…..you cannot get that today. Look at the old doorbell and knob. Sometimes you want to bring a screwdriver…..just teasing…..well maybe not….but I didn’t. My sister is a pastors wife. I’ll bring it next time : )
So if you see this installed at my house……well………
Every single angle was so pretty……..

What was sad….my sister said that she had heard that it was locked up in an estate battle. So instead of someone willing to concede, the family home was left to this……sad……wonder if those same children played on these hills. Maybe it was their love for their family home that made them all unwilling to part with it…….I don’t know but I do know it was sad to see it like this.

Is this not the perfect setting for a haunted house though? Literally when we walked up…curtains were blowing out of the busted windows….yep….sorta creepy…..
Loved this bannister………
Peoples history…..just piles of trash………sad…….

This was a den going into the old dining room. Fireplaces in every room. Built-in bookshelves…..

and loved this…..old servant stairs into the dining room.

This was our “first” stop and we explored other houses that day. I do want to make the disclaimer that we would get permission to go in the houses if we knew the history behind. We did that and people were usually very open to us seeing their “old” home.

Just wanted to share with you our “side road adventure” and encourage you all to “take the long way home”………….

Take an extra minute and post your comments as well.

How much we are missing because we are so busy to stop….explore.

When this house is gone we would have lost this moment forever.

Even writing this has challenged me to keep on taking the “long way home”………and I’ll tell you about those memories here.



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  • July 17, 2008 at 8:47 pm

    This brought back so many memories of my childhood in OHIO!! Thank you for that!! Then seeing the children in the photos was just priceless!!


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