Once upon a time

Once upon a time, not too long ago, there was a beautiful girl. She was not only beautiful on the outside but she was beautiful on the inside.

This little girl lived all alone in a big city working hard helping others.

She worked tirelessly in a business that helped families obtain their “own castles”.

Sometimes she would say to herself…..I would like to have my own castle and family but she would put that aside and work hard at helping others find their dream.

Then one day this beautiful girl met a prince. He was a handsome prince and sweet prince and a good prince and he wanted to marry her and take her away to a far away land, build a castle and start a family.

She was so excited but she was worried…..who would help the families where she worked find their dream?

She prayed and prayed for God to send someone to help her help these families so she could marry her prince.

And He did……….

She left for the far away land, with the handsome prince, found her beautiful castle and began her sweet precious family. God blessed this beautiful girl but God also blessed me by meeting her.

Because you see…..I am the girl who now helps the families here obtain “their castles”.

I wanted you all to meet this sweet beautiful girl. Who has now become a beautiful blogging momma………she shared with me how to blog and I would like to share “her” with you!

Love you Jen Jen!





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  • July 26, 2008 at 3:04 pm

    Once upon a time there lived a precious, little blonde. Blue-eyed darling caterpillar. Her parents so enjoyed watching their darling little one frolic in the sun. The morning light would reflect off the rainbow of colors of their off spring as she played with her brothers and sisters. One day a gossamer, silky ribbon began to encase the body of their darling. The parents could do nothing to stop this bondage. They cried and prayed. Than they began to pray and praise. For they found when they praised he Creator chains were broken and caterpillars were set free. As they praised healing rain began to fall. Sometimes in great rivers in dark closets. Sometimes they watched as their little one writhed and struggled against the unfair thread that encased her. As the rain continued the silken ribbon began to slip from that tiny precious one. When all is said and the last song is sung and we know as we are known Grace will be set free. You see I have already seen it slipping through. ” How beautiful on the mountain are the feet of them…..”


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