When we were young Our Aunt, who was our daddy’s sister, would always wake up early on Saturdays and go to yard sales. She would call it junkin’.

We used to love to go to her house. There were so many neat things everywhere. I know they were junk in some peoples eyes but treasures in our Auntie Adventurer’s eyes and as an adult now I recognize the beautiful heritage pieces that were mainly obtained from others cast offs.

Oh what treasures!

She has passed that love down to me.

I know it, I won’t deny it, I am proud of it.

Inside and outside, 75% of my furnishings and decor are someone elses cast offs.

Every room in my home has items that someone else has “broken” in.

I love that part of my heritage. The fact that my children are learning the waste of someone buying something they don’t even keep but the value of us obtaining something at a price that we can afford.

Thank you Aunt Adventurer!

Gotta hit the hay because junkin’ comes early!



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