From the moment both of my children wanted books read to them, there was a steady favorite.

“I LOVE YOU FOREVER” by Robert Munsch.
When it came time for the song that the mother would sing to her son, they would snuggle in next to me and I would sing the song. I made up a melody and if anyone else picked up the book to read it to them both of my children would tell them that they were singing or saying it wrong. It was my book……my time..my melody…my song for my children.

The story begins with a mother singing a lullaby to her infant and throughout his growing up years. The gripping end is when the son picks his aging mothers body up and rocks her and sings his song to her. The book ends with her son, as a father, singing the song to his son. Tear jerker of a book and it would always be met at the end of story with another request for me to read it again.

My song…my time..our melody..my heart for my babies.

“I love you forever, I like you for always, as long as I’m living my baby you’ll be”.

Grab your tissues and you can see the sweetness of the story here.

Today brought back those memories of my babies and our song.

The calendar is flying with my children.
Last year was Free Birds freshman year of college.

I left my eldest child but also my baby girl at a dorm room and part of my heart stayed there as well. Yes, I am holding tissue…..no my eyes aren’t swollen shut they are caught in a blink and yes, this is an awful picture but helps you understand what I’m saying.
This year will be her second year and I know the pain in my heart will be no less severe. When she leaves, a part of me goes and “as long as I’m living, my baby she’ll be”.
Today, I took my baby boy and left him at Duke University, alone in a dorm room, confident beyond his 14 years and I left a part of my heart there as well.
I couldn’t help but remember this day….
His first year at an away camp. I had to go in and make his bed and set up his room knowing that he would keep his bed and clothes just the way I had sent them…that he would wear all the clothes I packed and not the same nasty swimtrunks the whole week……not. I had to do the set up quickly as he wasn’t to happy about his mom holding onto his legs and crying when he kept trying to leave.
A part of my heart is missing in this picture. You probably can’t tell.
Today, I left the same little boy here.
In order to even get this picture, I grabbed the camera that I had snuck into my purse as he was running out of the car and pretending he didn’t know me….. shut the dorm room door so as not to humiliate my child……I mean how ridiculously stupid is it to have your mother take your photo….no other mothers in the world take photos apparently according to him……Well, it was about 30 but really, that isn’t excessive or overboard. I’m sure of it!
The calendar is going too fast and sometimes it feels as if my heart cannot keep up.
Today did make some things clear though.
#1. I never wear pink….ever……. but for some reason my subconscious picks it out of the depths of my closet when I am leaving my children anywhere apparently.
#2. OMG I have aged and gained weight.
#3. Although not visible in each photo I can feel the pain I felt that day in each photo of letting a part of my baby go. Yes, I was embracing their ability to let go but wanting to hold them in my arms and sing my song to them. Would he not have died today if I would have started crying and singing “I love you forever..I like you for always…….” Ok…that hilarious thought helps the heart a little.
#4. Most importantly. They will always be my babies. No matter their age, time in their life or what they are going through. They are my melody….my song.
I will love them forever, I will like them for always…….as long as I’m living, and I believe even in Heaven….my babies they will be.
Love, Me.

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  • July 5, 2009 at 10:00 pm

    OH MY WORD COULD THAT BE EVEN MORE SWEET THAN EVER!! I am not good with words like you are but what an awesome journey it is having our children grow up!! It makes me sad but so very proud of who they have become!! YOU ARE AN AWESOME MAMA!! I am so glad to see you writing again this is awesome Rebecca!! You are in my thoughts and my prayers always!!
    Love you,


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