Showing off

As I have been making my house into a home again I have enjoyed “not having much” and having to find “my treasures”.

By that I mean, I have taken items that normally would have been packed into boxes for when my children were older or put into cabinets so that they would not be broken and put them front and center.
Showing them off.
One such item is this…….
The cabinet itself is a treasure that my mom and dad gave me about a month ago. An antique find and I couldn’t decide what to place in it. I had no nick nack but being without them has made me appreciate so much more what I do have. 
Normally the items inside this cabinet were in a box waiting for the day that “Freebird” could give to her 3 year old grandaughter.
Because that is exactly what her Gammy did………..The Christmas when “Freebird” was three years old, her gammy gave her a tea set that her grandmother had given her when she was three. 
This is “outdoorsman” and “freebirds” gammy………
Did I mention that she can dive into a pool and not get her feet wet? Really………
A beautiful present but truly not even enjoyed when packed away in fear that it would be destroyed until the day “Freebird” could pass it on.
Now she can show it off…..feel the love from the giver of the gift……every time she sees it.
 Look how sweet and delicate! We can now pretend that “Freebird” used it as a teaset from the age of three and that it wasn’t packed in a box and never broke a piece ; ) Can you believe her gammy did use it and never broke a piece???
I am enjoying unpacking old boxes of childrens artwork and baby mementos and wondering how I can implement into my decor.
I am enjoying “showing them off”…………to my children, friends and family.
Wonder what hidden treasures are in your boxes?

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