Happy Birthday Joseph

Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday dear dear dear daddy………
Happy Birthday to you

I love this man.
I am honored he is my daddy.

I found this letter in my old documents folder from a fathers day church celebration in 1998. Still rings true today……Happy Birthday Daddy.

To write about my daddy this letter cannot be elegant, flowery, poetic or just plain fancy. I cannot write that way, and that is not the way my daddy is.

I was thinking about Biblical characters in the Bible to compare my daddy to. I just kept coming back to the same thought. I keep thinking about the men in the Bible barely spoken about. You know about them, you hear their stories and you know they were Godly, but that was about all that was said.

My thoughts kept coming back to Joseph. So little was really said about Joseph. Why did God choose a carpenter for Jesus’s earthly daddy. What an honorable position in the eyes of God. Why choose a Joseph? I have always wondered why we don’t hear more about Joseph but I think I know why….

We all know a Joseph. You know they are the ones who are turned to in the toughest times. We know that they’ll be there for us. They will have just the right common sense answer. Humble…..quiet but strong.

I know Jesus knew Joseph was always there for Him. I know he knew Joseph would tell Him what he really thought when he came for advice. I know He never doubted Josephs love for Him. I know He learned from him. I know he loved to be with Joseph.

I know he must have loved to smell the trade of His father always around him. I know Joseph probably had wood shavings in his hair or beard and how Jesus must have loved to see that.

He must have always drawn a quiet strength from Him. Joseph had to have been a man with unbelievable strengths. God knew what this family would have to deal with.

He knew they needed Joseph.

A man that would have to be there as Mary would have to see her Son crucified on a cross.

Strong, plain, not flowery, poetic, elegant or just plain fancy. A carpenter. I think I know what Jesus could feel, because God honored me with a carpenter as a daddy too. I love my Joseph with all my heart.

I love you daddy…….

Love, Me

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