Baby Brother Brat

Some things never change……..

I mean…… would think they would……he is an adult, or by age he is. I mean, look at the lines and wrinkles…..

But he was a pain in my hiney growing up and is still a pain in my hiney.

Plopped his “didn’t potty train until he was ten” butt right next to me for daddy’s bday dinner. Lucky me……his beautiful wife conveniently filled the seats next to her so that he couldn’t sit there….thanks.

All night……..he was in my face.

Lookie….lookie what I bought on ebay big sister……..I don’t care that you are talking……look at me….it’s all about me……
I mean….I know you are talking big sister but please don’t mind my big white hairy arm over your food and in your face and space………

I mean….isn’t it mature and funny that you have no clue that I put a straw paper on your head big sister…isn’t it so funny? It was so funny for you to have no clue why people were laughing every time you turned your head and the straw paper would spin like a helicopter blade. That was so funny….then when you had to take a picture of yourself because you knew I was up to something and I got the paper off before you took the picture and then put it right back on after you took it….that was so funny.
I mean….it is so funny big sister to see your irritated face in this picture……
It is almost as funny as when you would complain that our “jack and jill” bedroom we shared when we were growing up would smell like “pee pee”and mom would tell you she had no clue why it smelled because I had finally stopped wetting the bed. I mean I was 10. Little did you know that I had decided to “pee pee” in our registers instead to relieve myself at night and you all didn’t find out until the heat kicked on and the registers rusted out…..that was so funny.

Yeah……….baby brother……some things never change.

Loved you then baby brother brat and love you now.


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