Bonds that stand the test of time

Once upon a time there was a “Part Cherokee Princess” (shown on left) who loved her baby sister like she was her own little baby.

When we were blessed with our Baby Girl Princess (shown on right) Part Cherokee Princess treated her like she was her personal, private baby doll.

The other brother and sisters of the “part Cherokee princess” background, would fuss with their baby sister……love……fight….pick……you know normal brother and sister stuff.

But not Cherokee Princess…….she bonded with the baby girl princess deeply.

How funny that the bond that was created years and years ago would show itself again.

Baby Girl Princess became older and married the man of her dreams and became pregnant.

Around the same time, in another far away place, Cherokee Princess went to the doctor with what she knew was without a doubt a bad kidney infection. Never dreaming otherwise after years and disappointing years of trying to have another baby. How wrong she was but how right it was.

How surprised and shocked and amused were the “part cherokee princess” brothers and sisters to find out that this bond had once again shown itself but this time in the form of a little baby boy and a little baby girl.

Now two new baby cousins can grow up with a bond like no others that has stood the test of time…..just like their mommies did years ago.


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