Prince Charming’s Ride

So, Free Bird met a boy at school……we’ll call him Prince Charming.

I was thinking……ok………this is just a sweet thing that will pass…….
Then we met him.
And ended up loving him too……dang it.
I mean, I didn’t picture Prince Charming with two earrings AND two tattoos.
Free Bird had prepared me and told me about the earrings and that he had Phil. 4:13 on his right bicep. I am sure I held in my shock perfectly well when I realized it wasn’t JUST “Phil. 4:13” but, the WHOLE BIBLE VERSE IN THE KING JAMES VERSION going around his arm.
I bet they couldn’t even tell I was “dealing with it”.
I kept the “I’m supa’ cool with it face, yo yo”…..and all that. I am also confident that they had no clue when I jumped off the couch and yelled out “what is all over your arm???!!!!”…..that I was a little taken off guard. Nahhhh……….
The two earrings…….I mean……somehow on Prince Charming they work.
And his heart……….he has such a sweet, kind and soft heart and I can tell Free Bird has a place in it. Dang it again…..
Then he started playing more “charming” tricks and had to come riding in on his new “steed”……
I mean “Whats up wit dat?”
Took us for a ride and dang it again………he just got cuter.

I mean, it’s not really fair and he’s not giving her heart much of a chance driving around with the top down and a smile like this.
Dang it……..

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  • July 14, 2009 at 12:20 pm

    That was really nice. I have read it at least 5 times. Look forward to meeting you soon. We love “Free Bird” very much too!!
    Jeff Neely (Prince’s Dad)


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