Waking up to Sunshine!

It has been a MUCH anticipated visit.

The Challenger talked about it ALL year. (Please note both had no clue to not mix stripes and plaids…..too funny)
Cousins that together are double trouble. 
When “Longhorn” visits once a year it is a visit that has been prepared for carefully and strategically. Challenger wants items such as snacks, fireworks, fuses, gun powder, lighters, ATV vehicles etc. stocked up and ready……for some reason this list is alarming to a mother.
Usually one child will have a safety switch but with these two if you can make a loud noise, then there must be a way to make a louder noise. If you can ride on two wheels on a four wheeled vehicle, you must therefore be able to ride on one. If Poppa’s “mule” gets stuck in the pond, then you come walking home humbly, knowing someone is going to have to tow it out in the pouring rain……if you get lost on the 4 wheelers and give the wrong GPS coordinates to find you, then you act like someone wrote down the wrong coordinates…….The list goes on……..
It is for this reason alone that when I wake up in the morning to sights such as these……

Midnight snacks……..
I am thankful and grateful for these……….

Two boys that are having the time of their lives. They are “memories in the making” and when all the fireworks have been lit, appendages are accounted for, ATVs vehicles are towed back, ticks are pulled off and skittles and pizza are eaten……I know that I will truly miss this one day.

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