Not what I had in mind

My icemaker on my 12 year old frig was acting persnickety. When I called the repairman to see how much it would be to replace this particular piece, his estimate told me that I had better start looking for a deal on a “new/used” one………You know me……love the bargain challenge!
Found one…..looked like new in the dark…..200 smackeroo’s…..the part would have been 240 plus labor….woo hooooo!

Bye the way back and shaggy head is not my Free bird with brown hair . That is Challenger who is loving the freedom of letting his hair grow out now that he is in public school. From K5 to 8th grade he has attended the same private school……hair could not touch eyebrows, collar or ears. So he is enjoying this as much as I can stand ; )

I am having to ignore the “flick the hair out of your eyes thing along with the 9th grade eye roll”, but decided to pick my battles and heck, he’s a cutie!

Anyways…..he is sitting there forlorn actually and had just told me…..

“Mom, this is the only refrigerator I have ever known”…….think he has separation issues? Working on that ; )
I sort of felt the same though…….. : (

So out with the old and in with the new.

Came home from work and cleaned out my old frig. Found out we are eating old expired food and what looked clean wasn’t…..I’m disgusting and need to hire a maid.

Then put everything in two coolers with no ice as this was going to be a quick switchover.
Baby brother Brat helped our Craigs List refrigerator salesman.

Is it odd that the Craigs list guy only worked at night dressed in black and had filed the serial numbers off the frig?

Just kidding! Scared ya’ though didn’t I?

I then proceeded to clean the new/used frig for about two hours and found out that checking your new/used frig out in the dark with dressed in black Craigs list salesman does not reveal the fact that previous owner had a pet that apparently lived in the refrigerator……..Gross…………..

It was taking forever and I was getting pretty antsy because the coolers had no ice and the new/used frig wouldn’t be cool because I had to leave the doors open to scrub out the past animal life.

Challenger took the task of loading up the frig…….

New frig…..isn’t it pretty?

Doesn’t it look dark in the kitchen?

Well here….let me brighten it up a bit.

YES! It is what you think it is….after all of that, Challenger began loading it up and ~blink~


Then….WHAM! Electric went off for over four hours.


Remember when I said I like looking at a fire…….

This is not what I was talking about…….



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