Bucket list……

I was in 2nd grade this year……….2nd from left on the front row….this dress would stay on my body for the next four years for class pictures as my body refused to grow……
This was the year that a little boy, in this photo, that always loved to play “kiss and chase” died in a car wreck on the way to school. 
They pulled his wrecked car into our school parking lot waiting for it to be towed. 
Isn’t it odd that 32 years later the memories of his funeral….the pain from his death are vivid although I cannot remember all of  my classmates names?
I remember crying and hugging my mom in the front seat of our station wagon as she walked me into his funeral.
It was also the year that I realized that people ate glue paste. 
A friend in our class liked to partake of his, as our teacher Mrs. Shultz would have to keep telling him to not eat his paste. 
I was like….huh? 
Who eats glue?
So I tasted it….and then thought my friend had bad taste……just wasn’t for me.
A close friend of mine was to my left on the front row. 
We used to love to spend the night with each other and I cannot forget spending the night with her and she was so excited about what we were having for dinner.
It was fish….her favorite….and when it was placed in front of me……it had scales….eyeballs and bones.
I about had a 2nd grade breakdown. 
To this day I wonder if I am remembering this differently than it happened. 
As I’m thinking who would plop that down in front of a second grader thinking they would chow down?
Would love to hear what her memories were.
My first experience as a “football” team cheerleader. I am in the middle on the left on top of the girl straining with my heavy body.
Cherokee Princess is to my right on the base by the way…..bet she loved being a co-cheerleader with her baby sister.
Actually, I remember her being very sweet about being on same team with me.
Thank you Cherokee Princess for being a sister that made this memory special.
The year I discovered hairspray and that the gap in my teeth…….well…….it was huge.
Loved blue eyeshadow and eyeliner and Mary Kay frosted lipgloss.
This was the sweet aunt that gave us the love of ‘junkin but also the  the pride we should carry in our family name. 
She was my daddy’s sister……that would be the “daddy” Tom Cruise with the big ole shades in the background…….she helped raise him…….and we miss her.
I remember this vacation in Florida………in bits and pieces……climbing a coconut tree…..the warmth……
and I remember my pain when we lost her……..but  memories attached to her life outweigh the pain of her death.
I shared all of this to say……….
so long ago……….
and I still remember.
Make memories today.
It is never too late.
Yesterday I read online a story of a 100 year old woman that was able to get her bachelors degree the day before she died. It was on her “bucket list”. 
Loved the movie “Bucket List”…….truly…….
I do not want to put off living today.
I have more I want to share.
More memories I want to make.
It is never too late to start right now.
I would love to hear more of yours.

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  • January 29, 2010 at 3:46 pm

    Your memory was right on the money. When you came home we heard all about the fish who was watching you. Very trumatic. That is what made your hair so curly in the next picture.

  • January 30, 2010 at 3:54 pm

    Love the pic of your female version of a mullet! Very sad about your classmate.


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