Update on daddy……..

Rough evening and they have moved daddy to the SICU.
I am in waiting room to see him at 8:30 and mom said that when they moved him down here that they put a “football like” mask on him that breathes for him and gave him morphine for his pain…
She has gone home and she is weary…….but relieved that he is now here in SICU….
He had been struggling for breath…..and was scared…
His pulmonary doctor finally showed up since they admitted him on Saturday night and when he saw his condition he moved him immediately.
Don’t even ask me how aggravated I am……….
After they moved him
Daddy told mom…….
“I will be ok now.”
If you have not commented to dad…..it is not too late.
He has appreciated them all……..and he ask about the people that he has not known personally that have commented. They have all meant alot and truly touched him..
My email again is rmcd@sccoast.net as I know blogspot is tough to comment on.
I will give him every one of your comments.
Thank you again.
Continue to pray.

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  • February 10, 2010 at 3:10 pm

    I am knee deep in snow !!! So I am not kneeling to pray, but I am lifting you up to OUR Father, while standing.


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