Things you wish your parents didn’t say……Part 1….hopefully

This conversation was relayed to my cringing baby brother from a still chuckling nurse……
The hospital in which my father is temporarily residing sent out their management team to take surveys from their “well fed” patients……..
Our dads nurse overheard his responses to the staff and said she was still laughing…….
We cringed…….
Poor hospitality management team member: “Hello sir. Our team is just visiting your room to make sure the food meets your expectations.”
Daddy: “Well, I must say that you have had to only allow a very, well special trained staff to work here”.
Proud hospitality management team member:  “Why, yes sir….they are all well trained and we are very proud of our culinary staff”
Daddy: “Well you must be very proud. Because it is the only food that I have ever eaten in my whole life that has been able to be prepared with every singlebit of flavor taken out of it.”
Poor hospitality management team member: “Ummmmm…ohhhhh…..well….thank you sir”.
Daddy: “You’re welcome.”
Nurse: “muffled chuckling”
Us: “cringing”
When someone ask our daddy a question they need to be prepared for an honest answer…..
 Because daddy will give it.
Don’t believe me……just ask him.
On second thought, don’t……..

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