Previously as I shared in this past post Romeo and I visited a lovely establishment in Savannah…….
It was a beautiful place.
I must admit that I have a tad “cootie” fetish, that upon arrival at any lodging will begin showing itself and has me start looking to see if there are any “gross me out issues” that will keep me from being able to truly enjoy myself. 
If I find some “issues” , I may order extra towels so I can carpet the floor with them or rip off the bedspread and put it in the corner, or run, screaming from the establishment with an apologetic, confused Romeo following……
Clean enough or not, I do my normal  routine of lysol wiping every exposed area of the room before Romeo, the children or I are allowed to inhale, sit on or touch anything.
I am such a pleasure to travel with. They are all so blessed……….
This establishment passed inspection and did a great job………it was spotless……. except for one little issue that I am always on patrol for and that is floorboard dust or other gross particles on the floor.
And so it was in our lovely bed and breakfast, that within a couple of footsteps, I spotted the dreaded floorboard dust stuff……. I was starting to get nervous as I knew I wouldn’t be able to talk Romeo into running back out into town with me to get a dust mop, vacuum or leave our paid in full lodging to stay in the car.
But this well thought out establishment was ready for me because within seconds of my “gross out” hives popping out on my neck I soon spotted this part of the decor………
Not the beautiful fireplace but the framed decor item ON the mantle of the firelplace……………..
And all was well with the world…………..I knew then that I was not alone in my issues………….

There are others like me……………
Lucky, lucky world!!!!!!!!!
Other people had noticed the appearance of what seemed to be dusty edges on the floorboards! They may not have noticed upon two seconds of opening the door like I did but they did too!!
So I’m sure the staff although they appreciate our helpful housekeeping criticisms had provided this disclaimer to explain what it was that we “troubled souls” were seeing…….

“One quirky issue we are currently experiencing is the paint from our doors adhering to our newly refinished hardwood floors. We know this looks like poor housekeeping, but we want to assure you that we are aware of the problem, and hope to have it resolved soon”
I loved this place……although I did have to test their “disclaimer” by trying to clean the floorboards myself……aren’t I precious? 
They told the truth……thank goodness….my hives slowly started receding.
I took off my bio chemical hazard suit and proceeded to unpack our bags.

 I slept like a baby knowing we were safe and cootie free…..
Lately though as my housekeeping has felt as if it may be getting a little slack, their disclaimer has been coming back to mind often.
I have wondered if I should not take the same approach here at home…….
Have my own disclaimer………
A little sign I could put one up in my foyer………
Dear Guest,

Welcome to our home.

With our quirky lifestyle and busy schedule you may have noticed piles of unfolded laundry….a dust ball or five and a few dishes in the sink. I know that it may look like we are poor housekeepers but we assure you that we are not!!!! 
We are super clean people and this house is totally cootie free but loved and lived in. 
So grab a broom……pull up a laundry basket…….get some Dawn on those hands and make yourself at home!
Think it would work for my house too?
I’m liking this idea more and more……….

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