Creative marketing……..

My two precious nieces are working hard this summer to come up with some “fun” money.

Baby brother brat said yesterday he came out of their home and they had set up a table, made signs, collected wildflowers and separated and priced them all separately and were trying their hardest to get a customer.

They had placed themselves at the end of their driveway but there is a slight problem in marketing yourselves like that in our area…….

We live on approx 30 acres of private property……..only family…………and the end of a dirt road.

He said when he came out they would be yelling…..”flowers for sale!”…..Repeatedly.

As he was checking out their precious idea, they would keep saying……”Shhhh, I think I hear a car coming.”

He decided to help them take their new home based business on the road.

We were their second door to door encounter. They found us lounging by the pool and had no mercy or fear of busting up any private time. They were there for the sale and the sale is what they wanted.

The sales pitch started as soon as they approached their new clients.

Their presentation was set up for a quick close.

Thought the white buds in their purple sand pail were a little pricey until they explained they meant to put a cent sign….

After your purchase was made it was applied to paper and your names were “embossed” to each purchase.

Gotta’ love their creativity.

If any of you are interested in purchasing……go over the river and through the woods and beep your horn.

I’m sure they would be happy to help you.



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