There once was a little boy……

There once was a little boy.
He had one sister and two brothers.
His sister was very pretty.

He had two brothers that loved Huckleberry Hound………
He grew up in a white house with a big porch.
The big porch had a green ceiling and the house number was 5610.
He had a big yard where they would play basketball, football and they learned to hunt.
This was the door to his back yard.
And this was looking through his old screen door and into the back yard.
When he came home through the back door he would walk through a worn door and into a warm kitchen…….
Where laundry may be running……food may be cooking……and he would be home.
The little boy could stand at his kitchen window and see the dogwoods bloom and the garden grow.

He shared this little bathroom with his whole family.
He grew up looking in this mirror….his whole life, until he moved away……..
He grew up only taking showers in this shower……
and this was his view from the living room into his kitchen…..
This is the calendar that still hangs in the now empty family home.
Just like it did years ago when his daddy lived there after they all grew up and moved away.
His daddy now lives in a newer home, next door to their old home.
We visited the little boys daddy today……..
The little boy is now a grown man……
And I walked through the little boys old family home and fell more in love with the man I married.
He was that little boy.
I love his yesterdays………because they made him into the man he is today.

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