Free for real!

Some of the cool blogs I am following have such great ideas on saving on $$$$$’s.
I cannot for the life of me find the blog that recently did this little dandy, that I will describe below….if you know it….email me please the link! They had the coolest party!
It is a “lovin’ the recession” (I came up with that name; )  ) kind of party.
Each guest brings decor items they are “tired” of…….or maybe were gifted and could not use…..and we place them all together. We will have a certain number of items each guest brings and that is how many we can “take” from the kitty.
What a fun way to get “new” items for our homes… items for “gifts” and a neat way to come together in tight times.
We are having our first party in August and will have a Christmas decor themed party in November. We may even have a fall themed one depending on turnout.
Everyone is invited. Going to post on facebook and send out to all our friends.
Each guest will bring a goodie to snack on.
Pass this on and get your brain working on what you would like to bring that is “tired” of being in your home!
Here are just a few things that I passed by yesterday…..I have SOOOOOO many more!
Important note as I took a photo of this plant….all items need dusted and freshened up. Gross! This was disgusting! I will dust this !!! ; )
Holly is despondent but she is staying! Don’t even beg or ask!
I’ve got a ton to find and do……
Still coming up with fine tuning on how we handle exchange.
Invite your friends and we will have a great time!
Where: My house
When: August sometime….fine tuning what night….after the 16th……
Time: 6:30
How many to bring….still fine tuning.
Email if interested in going and I will just keep you updated on details. Should have a def. date in day or two….just wanted to get you all started thinking!
Have a great day!

0 thoughts on “Free for real!

  • July 23, 2010 at 11:06 pm

    People could get play money for what they bring and spend it on other things that are “priced” as they come in. That way if you bring a “$5” item you leave with something comparable. If you bring something in the $50 category then you might get a comparable item, or several smaller ones. An objective party could do the categorizing.

    The green vase reminds me of the African tribal women you sometimes see in documentaries. Just sayin…..

  • July 24, 2010 at 12:34 am

    Grace like rain… your ideas and yes, that vase was photo’d that way to see if anyone else noticed what bugged me to death. I couldn’t use it without lactating ; )
    Leave it to my missionary cousin to see it!
    Ha! love ya! Me


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