Little brick road……..

“Stories abound of bartering during the Great Depression. From the doctor who got paid in chickens to the grocer who clothed his family by trading food for shoes, resourceful folks swapped what they could to make ends meet.
Welcome to the “Great Recession,” with swapping again on the upswing., the free classified-ad Web site, reports that traffic is up 100 percent on its bartering boards compared to last year………”

This is an excerpt from an article attached to this link…… about the old/new/old trade of bartering.

I shared with you in past blogs here….and here….. how we have been able to vacation by “bartering” or “trading” time with other families on properties that they own with  time at properties that we own.

Bartering has also found it’s way into other area’s of our lives.

We have been blessed to have a wonderful family that we are acquainted with who are talented brick masons.

We both needed each other so…..

This was our first project…….

Remember what it was like before?

Now we have a little brick road that we follow on the way to our cars in the morning………

I know that the flash in the “before’ pic adds some color but you get the idea of how pretty this new sidewalk is don’t you?


It was our path we always took to go to the parking area next to the garage and I truly had never thought of adding a sidewalk before.

It is perfect!

Well, wait until you see what they did next!


Just teasing…….not that this wouldn’t be appreciated out here in the country so we wouldn’t have to haul our trash to the local landfill…..I mean TOTALLY appreciated……

But this is really what they came up with……….

Hello??? How beautiful is this???!!!!

I gave them a piti-ful sketch and this is what they made it into!

And guess what??

They do not speak English and I do not speak Spanish……they’re good…….real good……or maybe my sketches are unreal and fabulous…….nahhhhhh…….they’re just really, really good…….

And now we have another “little brick road”!!!!

I will share more about this little project later as it all slowly comes together but I am wondering what you all think.

Have you considered bartering?

Would you consider it now when we all are becoming wiser in our spending?

Think I can put my trash in our new “fire pit”????

Just teasing about burning my trash in it……ok…..maybe I’m not…….

But do you automatically think you have nothing to offer?

Think again!

It may be an item of trade……skills……..

Hey! It might even be chickens!

Who knows……your little brick road may be right around the corner.

Let me know your thoughts……..

I would love to know how it is working for you or help you come up with some ideas on what you could do to trade.

Let’s trade ideas…….

I will be posting our date soon on our “loving the recession” party I posted on this link, so keep checking back.

I want to hear back from you all and will share with you all more about how we have been able to stretch our budget and create awesome memories……add value to our home and more!

Let me know your thoughts!

Have missed you guys and thank you Facebook friends for your comments!



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