A New Year……….

I have missed you all.

I have had a great year.

A full year.

I have had emotional meltdowns.

I have had emotional break-throughs.

I have felt stronger than ever.

I have felt weak.

I have ended chapters.

I have started new ones.

I have de-junked and added junk.

I have saved and spent too much.

I have faced fear and felt fear.

I have given grace and received grace.


Recently it all came into perspective……..

Five weeks ago we found out Romeo’s father had leukemia.We had a wonderful 2010  with him.

 And it has put into perspective, the need to remain in contact……….

With family…….

 And friends.

The last few years didn’t seem long enough.

 To know him.

Love him.

Learn more about him.

It flew past us.

And we lost him one week ago.

My only regret…..not enough days in a year to be with him.

He will be missed but he taught us to live life with no regrets.

2011 is ahead and I do not want to miss any time with you all.

 I have alot to share.

I would love to hear from you all as we begin to catch up.

Happy belated New Year!



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