State of Emergency…….

The whole southeast has been hit with a winter storm.

School was out yesterday, government offices were closed and a state of emergency was called for our whole southern state. Many areas had up to five or more inches of snow and it was topped off with sheets of ice.

Things weren’t so bad in our neck of the woods and I knew we needed to make our way back to our home office.

We didn’t have the snow everyone else was bragging about.

We only had icycles on our “white light icycles”!

And I was starting to think……..dang…….are we wimps in the south?

How can this be dangerous? This is just plain ‘ole pretty.

Like frosting on a cake!

State of emergency or not, we had to get back to work.

The steps look so pretty and shiny!

And then it hit me.   After I stepped on the first step with loaded arms and about busted it.

Shiny = dangerous

Dangerous = fall down my steep stairs and break my neck 

Steep, slippery, icy steps = problem  getting into office

Chipping at ice with a screwdriver = scratches and diggy marks all over your first step after fifteen minutes of chipping.

Fifteen minutes of chipping = frustrated, hormonal, woman with a need to get into office safely

Living in the south = not having much to solve an icy problem

 This only goes so far.  Especially when 1/4 full.

Note to self: table salt in shakers only frustrates hormonal, frustrated woman even more. It makes one feel like carpal tunnel syndrome is kicking in after shaking their little table shaker for about 30 minutes on bottom step.

So, it may not seem like much to our northern cousins……but sate of emergency it is.

Written from my living room, in front of a cozy fire.

State of emergency = safe blogging



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