A five year walk with a pair of uggs……

Five years ago, Freebird received this pair of Uggs.

She was fifteen.

Her brother apparently wished he received this hat and shield. 

Why won’t he pose for pictures like this now?

Times were tough………we lived a simple life.


Ok, that’s not me but it was the first season of Freebirds Uggs as we vacationed in Williamsburg.

Fun memories!

 It was also the same year she got her first car…..a yellow bug.

I bought it off of Ebay and had to drive to Atlanta to pick it up. People thought I was crazy because Ebay wasn’t as big then as now.

Dang, I’m good!

Look at her retainer…..cutesy wootsie……

We didn’t splurge often on shoes like this, so I scotch-guarded them like fifty times before they were given to her.

They went everywhere with her……………. Her boyfriend at this time looks a little shady and challenger seems to be a little embarrassed by their behavior. Seems like he ended up being famous…….

Wow……these Uggs have been with her through so many stages…….

My babies!  They have grown up!

This Christmas Freebird finally received a new pair of Uggs.

Still the thrifty gal,  I scotch-guarded them like 75 times before she was able to wear them.

So, it was with a humble heart I took her hand me downs.

I was so excited for my first pair of new/used Uggs! 

She was really proud that they had made it so many years. That is one reason I was about to die when I thought I had ruined them by putting them in the washer. I thought I would just “freshen” them up. They still looked awesome but now………

Somebody from Uggs call us.

Because these beauties are still going strong. 

Snugg as a bug in an ugg. Hoo hoo, hee hee….ha, ha……. ; )

This is not an advertisement for Uggs.

  Although, if any Ugg official is interested Freebird would love to sell her story to pay her college tuition!  ; ) Just kidding……..

No, I’m not.

Just kidding………sorta.

Five years ago……..baby brother would still hug up.

 New York four years ago………

Dollywood two years ago…….

To my stubby little legs now. Freebird……you canNOT have them back.

The end.



0 thoughts on “A five year walk with a pair of uggs……

  • January 18, 2011 at 1:22 am

    they look really good!
    we should have washed them a long time ago….
    but, i do beg of you to never post another picture of me wearing a hat and retainer simultaneously.
    Not a good look.
    I love you mommy!

  • January 18, 2011 at 2:25 am

    Hey baby girl…..I was just thinking….don’t you still have that same purple coat too? We sure get our monies worth out of our clothes! ; )

  • August 10, 2012 at 8:48 pm

    Hi! I just came across your blog (after googling about Ugg boots), and I would love to know exactly how you “scotch guard” your Uggs! Details, please! Thanks!


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