My name is Rebecca and I have a disorder.

Here we go again! Another talented DIY blogher! Get it? Blog….”her“. Aren’t they clever?

Know what DIY stands for?
Do – it  -yourself! Clever kids!

I knew what it meant immediately!  (after googling for the meaning ) 

She has Un-BE-liev-a-ble TALENT!

$5.00 Thrift store find.
Photo 1

Transformed to this! I mean really? Who thinks of using a table for a sign? Is she good or what?
Photo 3
Dang it!

She is not bringing on my disorder…… here is where the disorder comes in.

If I put this up on my kitchen wall……
Photo 3

I would only see this. (besides the bad photo editing)

Are too many hush-puppies affecting my brain and not just my hind end? 

Please let me know.




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