Along the lines of deal finding……

We are away for a couple of days and I plan to tackle my bathroom vanity when I return.

I talked about it here on this link..…..

And after I posted my desire to find a bargain of a deal on a couch like this…..

Several of you have been sending me links on some great Craigslist deals! Thanks!!!!

Love this bargain teamwork!

So, while I’m here………

Woe is me………….

Actually, we were hoping we were finally closing on it….but alas, we are not.

Woe is me…………..

So I thought I would concentrate on some deals I found that I could share with you all, while I can’t paint my bathroom vanity or go to strangers home and test drive their couches

This was a great site I found before Christmas.
elf Cosmetics.
 I am not a cosmetic kind of girl. My makeup routine is  like five products but my chipped toenails and wrinkled, white skin beckoned me to look deeper into cosmetics.

Walmart only took me so far and I was NOT spending big bucks on makeup.

So, I had heard about this site and I cannot even remember where or I would give credit where credit is due but the DEALS are awesome and the quality is UNREAL!

Just an example….


Have it. Love it.  


e.l.f. Essentials Waterproof Eyeliner Pen 

Price $1.00

Have it……LOVE IT! Does NOT smear or smudge. Honestly.

But….these are my FAV-O-RITE!!!! Sheeky black packaging, great for girlfriend gifts…..doesn’t chip….colors are gorgeous!

Price $1.00  

Check this site out! 

elf Cosmetics.

And keep sharing your bargains with me…….

I will pass it along.



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