Party is on and scheduled!

Allrighty then!

The Lovin’ the Recession or Swap Meet or Freebie Find or whatever you want to call it is on!

Response was great and we are all excited!

If you wish to come please comment to this post so that I can plan on how many.

It is bring an appetizer and friend or friends….and bring your stuff you have been wanting to get rid of and trade out for something else that will be “NEW” to you!


Here were the previous post links that explained it…..

Here……and here…….

Bring your goodies…..

No seasonal items as we will be doing this by seasons and nothing broken or just plain ole dirty. We do not want to trade a used up cat scratcher ; ) Ok…..well, I don’t. My allergies won’t take one in the house.

I have decided it will be EVEN-STEPHEN….meaning……we won’t rate items values. We were all bringing stuff we were going to get rid of anyways and if I want to get rid of a big ficus tree and trade it for someones decor plate that I love……then we both gain!

I am fine tuning the rules…….I would love your comments on this post on your thoughts on our rules and also if all agreed to donate what is left.

Decor is anything you would find at Home Goods (is that one word or two?)…….pretty utensils….. plates….. linens….. pic’s……. rugs……you get the picture? 

Feb 15th at 6:00. When you comment that you wish to come I will email you directions unless your name and face is posted on a Most Wanted sign at the post office. ; )

Some ideas…..



It will be fun!!!!

Comment to this post and I will respond asap.




0 thoughts on “Party is on and scheduled!

  • February 2, 2011 at 5:04 pm

    I am coming and will probably bring at least one friend. I’ll let you know for sure closer to the date. And I have no problem donating anything that is left over.



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