First of a few……

This will be one of my first before and after posts on some of the changes that will be taking place in our home.
First lesson in before and after makeovers.
Take before pic’s.
I forgot.
So, I dug through old photos trying to find pictures of my garage entry with not much luck.
After searching through ten years worth of photos, I realized that I don’t take many pictures of my garage.
I’m sure it has nothing to do with the fact that it is always a mess.
The scavenged for photo above was taken last year.
Please note the unpainted, dingy garage stairs and entryway, with the small visible portion of the door that you can see painted a beautiful construction primer white.
Welcome Home?
Not very welcoming.
FYI….. Troy is now twice that size.
FYI #2
So am I.
I had to dig deep to find this before pic, so I wouldn’t have my fatty mcfatty before photo up as the only “before photo”.
You can barely see the stairs and door in the background.
And no, we do not eat in our garage.
I was taking photos of our pub style table to sell on Craigslist.
Great table but Pub style table + 5 foot housewife = little people, big world and without the cute family and reality TV, it just doesn’t work.
But you get the picture, as minimal as our before photos are.
  The door and entryway needed help!
I found the inspiration for this project when I saw what Thrifty Decor Chick did with her garage door and decided to copy it.
She has so many good ideas!
You can check them all out on the below button.
I have no shame. I will copy her right and left. 
She is good.
Real good.

She also remembers to take her before pic’s.

Dang it.

You can check  the post of her before and afters here on this link…….. very cool! 

When  I went back to to give her credit for this idea and read her post again …….I found some encouragement when I realized that I wasn’t the only copycat!

Even the pro’s copy other pro’s. Thrifty Decor got the door idea from…

There’s still hope for me!  
 I do realize that I still have a long way to go because also remembered to take her before pic’s……they are here.
You gotta start somewhere though and I am proud that I attempted it.
So, I will just relax on how unprofessional this before and after post is and just let you all glimpse as much of my before as you can.

There will be more projects coming and I hope they just keep getting better and better!

But for now……….



Didn’t even paint the walls. They were already that color but now you can really notice it.

Do you like it?


I want a pretty green wreath for the door after Valentines is over.

I LOVE IT! It looks so finished!

I ask myself why I didn’t think of this in any of the fifteen years that we have lived here?

But I also ask myself why I didn’t invent spanx, tights, snuggies etc.
Live and learn.

That aside……what a neat transformation!

And for such a little bit of cash!

I hope you all love it!!!!

I cannot believe the difference!

So many great blogs out there to get some great ideas!

Changing the look of something with such a minimal cost!

Check out their blogs. Awesome ideas!

It starts with inspiration from great blogs like this……

Who says she was inspired from great blogs like this…….

And ended up inspiring plain ‘ole me.

Hope you all enjoy and check out these other great blogs!

You too will be inspired!



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