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Thank you so much for many of your comments regarding the change of our garage door and entryway. We love it too!
This post is for your enjoyment while you wait for my next before and after.
Another cool site that focuses on before and afters.
I love before and afters!
It’s inspiring and convicting to take something that I may be tired of and already have and evolve it into something that I “want” in order to change styles.
I mean…..really???? An old wine rack into this beautiful shelf/storage for her bathroom.
Kari shared her unreal transformation on this awesome blog that focuses on makeovers just like this.
You can check it out here………
Here are some other neat transformations.
How many of us had this old pine dresser or passed one up at a yard sale because it was too outdated.
Well….what about this bedroom transformation?
I need to stretch my mind to see what things will look like with a little DIY elbow grease.
Wendy did that with the above transformations and you can check them out on her blog Relatively Unique.

It didn’t stop there.

Wait until you see the chairs! 

Hello???? Anyone out there challenged? 


I’ve got some ugly stuff… at least I have somewhere to start! ; )

Plus, I see this stuff all the time at Goodwill’s and yard sales and pass it by! 

Please! Give me the vision! Or at least a discount at so I can buy these fabrics! 

That is not all this blog showcases.
Check out the outdoor pic’s! 

That looks like a new house! 
No landscaping changes.
No major structural changes.
Just paint!

Another one.
Would you have thought of using an old picture frame like this?

No? Me either! 

It doesn’t stop there. You have to check it out yourself.
Click on this link and be inspired to re-use what you already have! 

My blinders are starting to come off!
I am ready to envision what I can recycle in my house! 
Would love to hear your thoughts!

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