Another awesome idea!

You know what?
I used to be so creative.
Some people would probably still say that I am but there is no way I can match wits with some of these awesome ideas that I keep finding on different blogs.
This is the KEEEEEE-UTEST IDEA!!!!
Wait until you see all her beauties she creates.
And not just that.
The title of her blog?
“Tatertots and Jello
How cute and creative is that?
I will show you more of her goodies.
If you can’t wait to scroll down and see them, then click on her cute button below and go visit her yourself.
So far I am just inspired to drool over her craftiness and not do one for myself….or for anyone….I’m just like that.
Does that make me lazy??
It takes ALOT of effort to browse these sites.
It really does.
Do you believe me?
Anyhoo…….Lookie here……probably my favorite.
Is that not adorable?!

Ready for the kicker?

These are made from Dollar Tree plates and Dollar Tree CANDLESTICKS!!!
See! I TOLD YOU!  I speak the truth!

I have seen these babies in the Dollar Tree and never ONCE did I think…..

“Hmmmm….you know what? I bet I could stack these with candlesticks….brush on a pattern…..bake them for 20 minutes for the  paint to set and all and make these plain ‘ole plates into tiered cake or cookie platters!”.
Never crossed my mind one time.
I was more like………
Yep. That was as far as I got.
She shows you step by step how to do these pretties yourself. 
This is the actual link to that post….click here.
It was a five dollar challenge or something or other that made had her whip these up.
You read it right…….five dollars!
My entry would never have stacked up. 
I would have been proud if I would have taken the two plates….some dollar store ribbon……….then maybe dry erase marker on it and called it a dry erase board???
That works doesn’t it?
Ugh! I am so not worthy!
Then the pretty girl shows up with her precious tiered GORGEOUS PLATES!
Against my dry erase board plate invention!
Can you imagine the humiliation?
Don’t see me wanting to compete in any of their crafty contests anytime soon.
Tap, tap….anyone out there?

Is it just me?

She said the plate idea started from getting “inspired” on another great blog.
That blog is created by another DIY genius named Joy.
So, I guess we aren’t all very different.
I guess everyone needs inspiration to stretch our minds.
I just need someone to do the craft after I am inspired.
Is that bad?
Down below are the cuties on the blog that started her mind a’whirring.
Joy took those silver looking trays at the dollar tree and some dollar tree candlesticks and well… will just have to see it to believe it.
Here is Joy’s link.

I mean really? 
Who woulda thunk it?
From that?
Would you not love one?
I am wondering how many of you reading this blog are that creative?
You all are out there and I would love to know. 
Do you read these crafty posts and think……….
“Duh! I have made stuff like that all the time!”
Well, if you have …. share it!!
I would love to have more inspiration!
Then I can sit here and wait for this stuff to magically appear in my house.
I promise…..if you share……I will share your smartness!
I won’t take credit.

; )

But in the meantime, I hope you all enjoy browsing these two great blogs!

Love the fact that they share the wealth and inspire us all!  

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