Do Over…….

If I could rewind the clock to when my kiddo’s took Valentines Cards and Sweets to school……….
I would re-think the Laffy Taffy and the little Nerds VDay candies that I would proudly send them to school with.
Their own little handwriting had to be in the “To: and From:”.
Whey their handwriting?
I thought that was putting in the extra effort.
I thought they were creative and more personal until I saw this blog.
I have just become acquainted with this awesome site and there is so many goodies all over it that
you just have to see it for yourself.
I had to show you her adorable idea for Valentines Day Cards.
lollipop valentine photo easy
Yes, that is her child……
 lollipop valentine photo easy
And yes, this is a Valentines Day Card.
lollipop valentine photo easy
It is her children’s photos printed out with little cuts in the photo where she poses her child’s fist…..
And in goes a lollipop.
Yep….a lollipop…and a photo of her child giving it to their classmate….
How personal is that?
Nerds and Laffy Taffy canNOT compete.
Dang…where were these ideas when my kids were little?
You know what?
You could do gift cards like this……roll the cash up…….have it popping out of your fist…….
Maybe I had better leave the ideas to the pros. 
I could not figure out where her bloggy button was so here is her link again.
You will find……

A description on  how she is living in a house with a name
Not an address…..a name……how romantic and storybook is that?
La Cressonnière
It means “Watercress”
And she even tells you how they did it on a budget.
I want a house with a name.……..on a budget. 
Maybe I will just name my house…..I already have a budget.
I guess that is why we don’t name our houses after food in the US.
The Cabbage
The Head of Lettuce
Just not the same.
She is for real and she doesn’t mind sharing.
She was voted Time Magaizines website of the year for 2010.
Is that unreal or what?

There are so many facets to her blog that you just have to visit. 
You can subscribe to have her blog sent via email as well.

I am just finding her but knew you could NOT miss out on her card idea.
Please…… someone make these Valentines Day cards!
In honor of all of us “older moms” who missed the boat!
lollipop valentine photo easy

Oh my…..



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