Trial and Error…….

I have had great feedback for my dining room struggles that I talked about here..….
Right now I am too afraid to paint my dining room table (as suggested by the majority) until I really learn the technique of “antiquing or distressing” a piece and painting it white.
So….I’m practicing….
Be merciful.
I know this is going to be rough…….

We had a clock that I was going to hang in the dining room but after getting everyone’s responses I knew it would just add to the dark, woodsy, medieval, prison like feel,
that I had accidentally, apparently…… going on. ; )
The clock looks nicer in the picture… real life, it didn’t have a very nice “quality” wood . 
Sorta’….cheapy….or just outdated.
So, don’t think I’m ruining a good piece.
Can you tell it is hard for me to paint wood?
But as I looked at the clock, I thought to myself……
“Self”……….”this clock is a great piece to practice painting on”.
And so…my first practice piece.
I used black for my “distress” color under the white, as I was afraid the distressing wouldn’t stand out on my yellow walls. 
Did I tell you that I’m now getting tired of the yellow walls?
Oh…I didn’t?
Well, we will save that for another day. 
After doing the black primer, I then I took a neighbors hands that are extremely wrinkled, stubby and dry and used them as props to hold my clock up as I painted.
Ok….I lied.
They held the clock and painted.
Ok….I held the clock and painted.
Dang it.
 And then I tried a technique I had seen on one blog, where they take a damp rag and distress while the paint is still drying.
 They just didn’t realize in their tutorial, that I was going to use my dry, stubby, clubbed fist and wadded , wet paper towel to do so and this would happen.
Could I have done that any messier? 
 I was so lazy and rushed I just used a wad of wet paper towel instead of the
dainty, finger point technique described“…….
Did you see ‘dem fingers in the pic’s? Ain’t no dainty, finger point , technique happening……
Know what I’m saying?
So I lashed myself on the back fifty times with the wet paper towel.
Then, I had to let my “clubbed fist technique”
(this will be patented, so please don’t post this everywhere, claiming it’s yours just because it’s so be-au-ti-ful)  dry and then used this…… 
 I sanded away (which defeated the purpose of the black primer – note to self) where I had gooped mounds of mess and then coated lightly again with spray paint.
Then got anxious….and sanded again before my light spraying dried……thinking fifteen minutes must be long enough, even thought it took longer before and did this.
So, fifty wet paper towel lashes again and sanding and light spraying and now……
Please be nice.
Another disclaimer….I know that gold is out and technically all of you DIY’ers would spray the pendulum and other stuff nickel, and I DO have that spray….but I worried of the weighted pendulum and just botching it up in general.
But anyway……I know already….this is THE LONGEST POST IN HISTORY…….
Ok….I’m covering my eyes when I post this…..I don’t want to see the responses. 
I know I’m the “cow hoof” girl….ok? I’m trying to work my way UP from that.
Ugh….ok…here it is and remember, there will be beautiful curtains soon…..hopefully not five inches too short though….but soon.
Ok…for real…here it is.

It’s hard to type with my eyes covered…..
With my naked windows
But remember here is before…..
And after…..
Ok, I’m going to go now fast and just hit publish post. EEEEEKKKKK!!!!!!!!

0 thoughts on “Trial and Error…….

  • February 22, 2011 at 8:06 pm

    I finally broke my sewing machine free from the box… took two hours to figure out how to thread it. Then…it jammed. I ate half of a sugar cream pie while I brooded and tried not to create “the flying sewing machine” I’ll be trying again tomorrow……….
    Good luck on your painting! Michael’s sells a kit for $15. It’s pretty nifty for distressing/antiquing.

  • February 24, 2011 at 11:34 am

    Vintage Farmhouse, I am counting on you to get that machine working! I took mine to repair shop….which was full of professional quilters….embarrassing….and she softly and kindly told me that they did not fix that kind of machine and that it wouldn’t really be worth the cost of getting parts if I could. She was really nice. So….let me know how yours works! Eat the other half of pie and get cracking!

    Creative Ambitions and Kelli, I am so glad you guys get my humor. I wondered how many would read and go…..I don’t get it? When I did kelli’s “daisy” post and out of the Lays chips cans…my hubby said….”Wow, she made that out of potato chips?” He was serious. It reminded me that all may not “get” my humor ; )


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