Little bit of shabby but not much chic……

I am attempting a project with my living room coffee table that is going awful!

It makes me doubt myself on these DIY projects.

What is freaking me out is I am really not a “newbie” to being a DIY.

To some things in the DIY…..yes…….namely making my own curtains………ugh……….

But for instance, this was our first TV armoire. It was purchased cheap 17 years ago.
The old natural wood….that I stained at that time.
When Freebird went off to camp one year I surprised her with a Pottery Barn look-a-like room to come back to.
All done DIY style.
All done with what we had or furniture I painted after getting at yard sales.
Literally, done only by me.
I just called it “Poor girl style” back then : )

Slip covered chair that sits right now in my book room.
I done been shabby…….
Just not shic.
I used bedspreads that I purchased from yard sales but I hired (the same seamstress that is trying to salvage my Mustard Seed curtains) to make them after I cut them out.
She charged me 25.00 a chair.
The bedspreads were two kings……5.00 for both.
 I’ve had these for probably 7 years.

Chairs were free…….dumpster dive style.

Made too short , so I had the edging of the chenille bedspread used to give it a few more inches…..where the heck is my creative flair anymore?

Yard sale chenille bedspread made into throws to protect slip covers……..this is the matching chair upstairs in Freebirds room.

When I started reminding myself of my “hands on projects” throughout the years I remembered our old kitchen table.
It was the cheapest laminate table.
I got it at a yard sale and painted it white.
This pic is from about ten years ago.
I couldn’t find one I had scanned in that showed the whole set.
I painted the pinkish laminate white and reupholstered seats with blue and white toille fabric.

My friends thought I was Einstein.
My sister made me re-upholster about 15 seat covers on chairs she had.
I just remembered that.
Why am I nervous about tackling new projects?

Grandmas old shelf. Was a dark laminate brown wood.
I painted white….I know I could have cleaned and de-cluttered it…..but see what I’m saying?
What I called “Poor girl style”….was actually DIY all the time.

Freebirds vanity……painted by me……….

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