Ok….skinny test

Remember when I asked if you if this rug made my table look fat? 
And you all resoundingly said…… 
Remind me to never ask you all, how the jeans I wore last night, looked like on me……….
Well………table without…….
Still think it looks skinnier ?
Still think I should learn how to use my camera and not make shots blurry?
Here is before again……
And now……
I almost think it makes it look EVEN bigger…….just not as crowded.
And less crowded WAS what I was looking for.
And….I am, technically, closer to the table in this shot than the before.
But here are my thoughts……
Since you all didn’t ask.
I think I need the fat jeans…….you know……the larger rug.
I have my eye on an oriental rug on Craigslist, that is really big, and I think it will solve all my tables weight issues.
But for now….I moved the blue rug from my formal “eat in the fireplace” dining room, to the breakfast room.
The breakfast room had a light colored rug…..but it showed stains and bugged me because it had a “mauvey” kind of color in it……that I have nowhere in my home, let alone my kitchen. 
This was before……
And after…….. 
I know it seems weird with mixing colors….but I love mixing blue and greens. 
And….my “after my meltdown curtains”, that I still have to order fabric for……you know…. now that the dining room curtain panel fiasco has sucked up all my fabric into it’s disastrous vortex….well, they will be navy blue and creamy white….if I don’t change my mind before then.
Not that I’m bitter.
First though, I want to test the breakfast room windows with the “finished” dining room panels. 
That is, when my seamstress stops cursing at me and finishes them. 
I mean…how hard is it to make 95″ from 90″?
I can’t justify ordering more fabric until I know for sure.
Know what I’m saying?
I’m going to clean the lighter rug I had under this table before and take it to our “swap meet” that we are having next week. 
I’m hoping I can trade it for a car.
Just teasing……
A couch.
Just teasing again!
 A chair. For real. We bring good stuff.
But now that leaves me on the quest for two more rugs.
A larger one for my dining room and one for my bedroom.
I know a rug in here seems weird because it is carpeted but there is a piece of “berber” that is unravelling right in front of that first chair and I think a rug will help me salvage the carpet for a time.
This carpet has lived over 12 years……I just want to help stretch it out a tad bit longer.
Mainly because I don’t want to have to buy new. 
In my “rug around the rosy” game I had going on, I tried the light colored rug from the breakfast room…..but it looked like a different curtain panel on the floor.
Dang it.
I cursed…..ran out of the house and tore my clothes off and pulled at my hair.
Ok….I didn’t.
That would be so extreme……
Why would I pull at my hair?
But now that I’m dressed again…….do you think a red oriental in here would look good?
I would like to pull red from the curtains.
And yes, I want a red rug for the dining room.
And yes, I have a red rug in the living room.
But I’m not asking you if I am on “red rug overkill”.
And yes….the jeans I wore last night were too tight and my muffin top was hanging over the low rise waistline……but I’m not asking you about that either.
I have issues. I haven’t denied that.
But my questions are still only……
Table look skinner?
Red rug look good?
Quit bringing up my weight……..sheesh……you guys are brutal.
Me want answers…….please.
: )


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