The pressure is killing me!

I have busted my bee-hunk-us to get our coffee table painted to be able to enter in some of the linky things this Friday…..
 And I wasn’t just plain ole painting it either but “distressing it”.…. 
It looks good in pic’s but it was actually a cheaper looking wood, so in my quest to lighten our home, I thought this would be a good place to start.
I did not want to just paint the table white. 
I decided that I would go for the creamy “distressed” look.
I have painted furniture before but never “distressed” stuff……..
And may I say…..
The word distressed is sooooo appropriate!
How in the HECK do you all do it?!
To get ready for Friday I wanted something good!

I mean, I’m so loving having you all show up that I wanted to have something substantial to share.

The pressure was killing me to have it ready.
 Literally…..killing me! 
This picture brings back bad memories.
I have  messed up in the last two days.
I have worked on it the last two days.
I have given up 747 times in the last two days.
And…..I have read every stinking tutorial out there, in the last two days.
But now……it is done.
But, I am slap…. worn…..out.
And yes, it was just a stinking….. little ……… table.
I know that question is running through your head. 
A little coffee table and she is worn out?
Yes….you are correct. 
I am.
Right now my arms are weak and shaky.
And why?????
Because I have issues.
I have so LOVED having you all show up to chat that I desperately wanted this done!
I smell wet paint and stain in my living room, I was so rushed to get it back in here…
My cup holder is stuck to the paint…..for real.
And apparently my reasoning for rushing wasn’t just to show you my table.
I believe that my mother and teachers were right and I MAY slightly enjoy having people laugh at me.
I know….. I’m pitiful.
But I knew that in order to get you all to keep laughing  showing up and to get to know more of you people…..
Well, you all want more than just idle chit chat. 
So……here it is people……
I hate showing you guys this kind of stuff.
I do!
I can’t help it….it is embarrassing!
I will be giving you my step by step tutorial tomorrow when my carpal tunnel subsides.
But until tomorrow….. ENJOY!
 And after……
Here it is!
I’m nervous!
 Get the before and after part?
That’s how much I love ya’ll…….
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  • July 2, 2011 at 5:41 am

    I am so glad I found your Blog!! I am at the same point right now i have never done this and i have several items i bought at thrief stores because i have opened a little booth and wanted to get into this “destressing” furniture and refurbishing things WHY?? i have been beating myself up and i keep looking at this stuff and the paint and have not started one thing!!! Its like i dont know where to began but you have givin me inspiration!!:) I am going to grab that brush and paint this weeknd and just go for it what the heck i can always sand it off and repaint right?haha Your table looks awesome!! Thanks for sharing! Wish me luck!!!


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