Tissue projects…..

I am sucking up sappy stuff this morning…..and thought I would share an appropriate project befitting a hormonal, allergy hit, woman.
Can you guess what these are?
Ok….here’s another try…..
in an hour
Did you figure it out?
They are little handmade pocket tissue pack holders. *sniffle*
Jennifer, from Jchandmade.typepad.com, calls it her “last minute” gift idea for teachers, friends etc.
You do understand that this would be my “project of the year” and not “last minute” by any means don’t you?
Dang…..she’s good.
You guys could whip these out in your sleep…..I know it.
Also make sure you read her post for today on her blog portion of her site.
Too cute! Cracked me up!
Tons of stuff there.
Ok….know what this is?
Ribbon tape 9
Jennifer can show you how to get your own…..it’s ribbon tape. Wait until you see how easy she made it.
ribbon tape [make it]
But these…….
pocket tissue packs
From a woman who always carries a tissue, these little cuties are priceless!
Seriously, I’m never without a tissue if I can help it.
I tucked one into the waist of my too tight workout pants at the gym yesterday and thought……..
Oh, my gosh. I’m my mother.”  
Minus the tight workout pants and visit to the gym.
But I remember her always having a tissue tucked somewhere.
Up her sleeve, waistline….pockets
And now that’s me.
I can making folding laundry fabulous, when I forget to empty my hiding spots.
It’s not that I have a constant runny nose.
Please don’t start imagining me that way.
I don’t want that to be the picture stuck in your head when you think of me.
Because for some shallow people, like me, that happens.
For instance, this is awful to share, and you will probably lose all respect for me…..not that you had any….. but I met a grown man the other day that I hadn’t seen since we were both in elementary school.
And while we were talking, I couldn’t shake the thought from my head that he was the “runny nose” boy, when we were little.
No one called him that. Our classmates never talked about him or said that.
I was the only one with that private memory label for him.
  It was just imprinted in my remember – really-  vital stuff part of my brain.
 And part of the reason is, because in this developmental state of my elementary brain….
Imprinted into it’s video like capacity to remember gross or weird stuff is…..
Well……when his sinuses plagued his little body….his tongue….would…… “lick his upper lip”.
I’m sorry.
Tissues were not needed.
Get what I’m saying?
What is my problem?
Poor boy!
And I really liked him.
And I’m 100percent positive that I did worse and I’m sure my kids have done worse…..
But for “Shallow Sally”, it’s stuck there when I see this grown up man.
And because I am so shallow and stuck with a brain in a dysfunctional state…..
it didn’t impact me that this grown man now had a beautiful family, pastors an awesome church and had turned into a well dressed, clean nosed, successful adult.
Nope, there he was, “the runny nose boy”.
I just kept thinking about his sinuses and if he still struggled as an adult.

I know.….I am SHALL-OW, so ashamed and working on it.
That’s why I want to keep this private…..ok?
Just between you and me.
But wait….I am not wanting to experience this “state” alone.
Let me bring us all together.
You know, share the love and lack of estrogen.
Take a peek at what I watched this morning…. 
which brought me to this state…
which then made me share my shallowness
and then click on Jennifer’s tutorial.
I think you just might need to tuck a few away yourself.

You’re welcome.

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