Proud day!!!!

And with all of the encouraging words.
And laughs.
All rise please…….
 The day has finally come!
With hard work and perseverance…..we went from here……
 To here!
Well, if I honestly wrote about everything that happens to me,
You all would think I was making it up.
For real.
The day I finished it and proudly had it hanging……
The motor inside of it burned up.
I’m serious.
But….it all works out in the end….and I do like the pear pictures hanging here!
I stole them from my breakfast room.
Windows without pear pic’s…….
And if you are still with me and noticed mine are tied back unlike “Miss Mustard Seeds“……
We decided to tie ours back,  as it was darkening the room too much without.
Here is a shot of mine with one window tied back and one not.
I was also testing the pear pic’s.
But don’t think I’m too advanced just yet.
I safety pinned them to a sticky hook on wall.
I wanted something that wouldn’t leave a hole in case we changed our minds.
And I safety pinned, because I had no clue how to make a hole in tie back.
We couldn’t be prouder.
And in honor of this accomplishment and to thank you all for your encouraging words and sharing in the laughs……
I’m getting ready to have a giveaway.
Did I mention that I used to sell Donna Karan “seconds” and I still have a few items hanging around?
Well, I did.
I will post later today about that giveaway and THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH!
You are part of the reason that I stuck it out and had fun at the same time.

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