Giveaway prep

I have had giveaways before…..
Like here…….and here…..
Tomorrow will be my new giveaway post.
I was wanting the prize to be worth more than what I could actually fork out in cash, if I just did a  giftcard giveaway.
I hope you all don’t think this is tacky.
Because of so many different styles…….. whoever wins …. gets to choose….
One out of three Donna Karan quilts
A “set of three”, Donna Karan, 20×20, down pillow inserts and one pillow cover.
They are seconds that I previously sold…..they have been stored in my linen closet in hopes of using one day……
I will put them on the bed tomorrow so that you can see them better.
I tried to pick three basic colors and what would be fun for me to get for my own home.
The pillow inserts I thought might be fun with so many different decors and the one cover that I chose would go well with white or off-white.
If you are not familiar with Donna Karan Home collection, please feel free to look it up.
It’s good stuff and I really think you will love the quality. 
You might even get pretty excited when you see how expensive the King size quilts are……
I know this isn’t fancy shmancy.
I  just hope it is a neat way to tell you that I have had so much fun meeting you all.
And hey…..if you guys hang around…..stay on your best behavior…..and watch those “p’s and q’s”……
Then maybe I’ll clean out my old, nasty, sock drawer and start giving those out as prizes too.
Lucky kids.
Are ya’ll grossed out?
I hope not.
Giveaway post tomorrow.
Thanks, all of you………

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