Thank you time…..

As I promised, I will be having a Donna Karan “Seconds” giveaway.
I want to tell you all how much I love you.
So, I am de-cluttering my linen closet, getting rid of stuff and then giving them to you……
Feel the love in getting my “not new” stuff?
Just teasing.
I have picked, what I hope, will be fun basic colors to choose from.
I’m having a hard time parting with them.
Mind if I come too?
Just teasing again.
For real.
Unless, you want me to.



Ok…….so the rules…….


Well, except that you can only be entered once.

But that’s it….you don’t have to be a follower….you don’t have to link up to anything….you don’t have to visit any other site… don’t have to like me on facebook……

You don’t have to even like me.…….

I like you though…

I do.
But I want it simple and with no strings attached.
Just a thank you.

So….choices are:

Prize number 1:
King size khaki quilt.
This is not a coverlet.
It’s more like a soft quilt.
It reminds me of a packing blanket.
But it’s not.
I promise…..
Don’t mind the big UHAUL stamp on the other side.
Another unreal shot of this fabulous prize!
Crowd roars with excitement!!!!
That was my tummy growling.

Prize number 2:
White cotton coverlet or quilt.
I believe it is Queen sized.
When they are seconds most tags are cut out.
My bed is a queen size and sits high. 
This is where this quilt hung.
So therefore, I came to the conclusion that this was a Queen.
Dang, I’m good.
Sorry about the different lightings.
I have been reading that you all are adjusting thingys or apertures on your camera’s.
I didn’t even know my camera adjusted or had any aperture thingys.
The person that sold it off of Craigslist to me for $50.00, should have told me that stuff!
Would it be weird for me to go back there after one year and ask them how to work it?


Prize #3.
King size black coverlet.
This lovely lady is cotton and can be turned two ways….versatile little thing….
One way I laid it, fit my queen, which confused me but the other way fits a King.

Shewwww…..bout threw me for a loop, I’m telling ya’.

There is a tag on this one….the tag on it says King… I’m going with King.
This one was really hard to photograph as it showed any lint that was on it.
My daughter was lint rolling it to try to get it to be photo’d and not look like I had stored it in my white towel closet.

Or with toilet paper.

Or used it as a tablecloth.
I did none of the above.

It was just linty.

This is the pattern on the coverlet…..they are like little shingles of fabric? They overlap….
I promise, when I sold this stuff I had better descriptions.
The negative on this quilt is how it grabs lint.
But I only use white linens and towels and I’m sure I am lintier than most.
But if you like to accent with black….have no lint in your house….then this could be a really fun quilt.
Last but not least……..
Prize number 4:
Three Donna Karan down filled, 20×20 pillow inserts.
 Ahhhhh…now you can see them…..
Did I think to center them in the first shot?

Anyhoo… a little extra…..

One creme and black polka dotted decorative pillow cover…….goes with the three inserts.

Rules again:
Only one entry per person or email address.

That’s it.

Expires Sunday night at midnight.
Not at 12:01am on Monday… it?
Just make a comment about anything you want to talk about……….and let me know what you would choose if you won.
I will announce Monday.
Good luck!
Love ,
I am linking to : (Show and Tell Saturday)

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