Was it worth it?

We have a little spot in our hallway to the garage that mail is placed until it makes it’s way to the office.
Our stack can get rather large and we stack it between the lamp and whatever is on the other side of the lamp at that time.
We recently got this little  mail holder for free but I wasn’t really keen on the blue and felt it reminded me too much of the old country style decor.

The little dragonflies were attached by a little piece of wire, which could be easily untwisted for them to be removed.
Still too country for my taste……
I wasn’t sure if I would even like just painted white.
My decision…….
I decided to take the easy route for this project as I wasn’t even sure if I would like the end result and spray painted.
I distressed and even added the dragonfly’s back, after giving them a good distressing.
I may take them off……not for sure.
My question……was it worth it?
Do I just have a white “country style” letter holder?
It does serve it’s purpose…..but I wonder what you think.
Let me know your thoughts!

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