You know you’re a friend when……

I have a few best friends that I can really count on.
Ones that will kindly tell me when………
My hair looks like crap.
I have a boogy in my nose.
My pants are too tight.
You can see through my pants…..way embarrassing.
I have food on my face.
I am talking too much ; )
I have done something really stupid.
I’m about to do something really stupid
The same friends will
Laugh at my jokes
Cry when I hurt
Love who I love
Want to pull a drop kick on anyone that hurts me
Be there at 2 in the morning when I sometimes need to talk
I thought I had only a few of those friends…….but now……I feel blessed.
 Yesterdays post……click here if you didn’t read it………
Well, that post wasn’t a test on what you would really say, if you would give me the truth, as my cousin asked…
Although, I should have faked that it was apparently, since 100% of you didn’t like the look ; )
I just wanted your honest opinions…….
and you gave them
Totally and honestly.
But if it was a test,
You would all have passed
And I would know that my “true” friends number…..has well….. grown…..
When you look at what I said my true friends will do…… guys fit the bill
I have laughed at your sweet, honest responses to my country craft mail holder and just thought it would be fun to share them with all of you guys, espcially,  if you are like me and don’t read the comments sometimes following the post.
I will start with the most recent………my response follows each of your comments
  • I agree with the others – still looks country to me. I would ditch the dragon flies. I also like the ideas of adding words/letters or painting it black and adding words or letters.

    sorry! But you never know until you try, so kudos to you for putting in the effort. 🙂

    ME: (K…..thanks for your honesty. Throwing the sorry and kudos in there cracked me up, as you didn’t want to hurt my feelings…..too sweet. Dragonflies are gone and black will be next option)
  • Mossandclover 
    I agree that painting it black would be better, then if not, freecycle it!!
    Me: Ok already ; ) Gonna try black! Ever think of nickel? I thought about that yesterday and wondered if that would be weird.  It freecycled it’s way to me and I can do the same for someone else if it doesn’t work….takers anyone??? Hello??? Anyone????

  • Too country!!!! Off to Salvation Army!!!
    Me: Ha! Wanted to be anonymous with that comment didn’t you? ; ) I will still count you as a best friend. You MUST be family ; )

  • Joni 
    Are you playing a trick on us to see how honest we will all be. I like it as well as you liked my little country craft things in my bathroom….back when country was cool. hahahaha I say “needs to go in the Goodwill Bag”.
    Me: Joni, this was too funny and I forgot about criticizing your country crafts……don’t think they were cool then either ; ) Guess country hasn’t made the full cycle back to cool yet. 
    Does that mean my leather, zippered , parachute pants that I wore yesterday aren’t cool either? Apparently you are 100% supported. You as always crack me up.
  • Celia 
    Well, it’s way better than when it was blue, but I don’t think it adds much to your hall….I like your old system better…


    Me: Celia, you are too sweet. Complimentary criticism. I must learn how to do this! ; ) I’m sure my husband would agree : ) So piling them up on my table was even better? 
    Dang….I am hopeless : )

  • Bjconklin 
    If it were mine, and since you DID…I would probably do a Pottery Barn type thingy..paint it black and add numbers in white.
    Whatever you do, it is a cute piece and if it works for you…go for it. 🙂
    Me: Bj….you are always so sweet and have great input. I’m thinking I am going to try to just do something really different and hope that it turns out! I started thinking pottery barn type as well….

  • Jenniepilant 
    I would put it elsewere. It doesnt look right with the rest of your beautiful things. Perhaps a basket for your mail on the table,or relocate the mail to the kitchen somewhere. Love your post.
    Me: Jennie, it does seem weird there doesn’t it. The only reason I put mail there, is that it is on our way to our garage office and out of our main kitchen area….so sort of “hidden” until it makes it way to it’s final resting place. If I do keep there it will definitely have to blend better : )

  • Rebecca. Your decor is too beautiful to be cluttered up with mail! I would repaint the mail holder and relocate it to the kitchen or study or wherever you handle and/or answer your mail. The holder would look much better in a cherrywood color, no matter where you put it!
    Me: You are right….I am going to come up with something…….sponge paint? wallpaper?
    just teasing…..I will think more current….promise!
  • Becky 
    Rebecca, I would say no don’t use it. Could you just use the top drawer to put mail in? That way you keep the beautiful tabletop display and it’s not messy. Put a couple baskets in the drawer for mail, keys, phones or what ever you want. Becky
    Me:Ok…you and everyone else agree : ) My drawers have their “assigned purposes” but I do need to come up with something that goes with the decor. Let’s see if I can come up with something neat.
  • Nordic Girl 2 
    I agree with Cherie. The white is too stark against your wall. Maybe a little dark glazing or wax? Take the dragonflies off. Love them, but they do make it too country for your decor.

    Me: Isn’t white weird on yellow? I didn’t like the white on the yellow walls in the dining room on the clock that I distressed and posted about for that reason as well. Good thing it burned out ; ) Dragonflies will be gone! I will come up with something diff…..

  • Cherie 
    take the dragonflies off. Maybe add some words or letters. Not in white though. Not sure the white is going with the rest of your decor.
    Me: Know what I love about you Cherie… were first and were totally honest. 

    So… all have passed the “bloggy friend test” that I didn’t know I was posting!
    Guess what fame you can claim?
    You now are dubbed the “Official You are talking too much bloggy boogie checkers!”
    You stepped up with the truth…….
    You didn’t care what anyone else said….
    You all just gave me your honest opinions.
    And now……
    I know I can 100% trust you all to tell me the truth!
    Should I come up with a “bloggy boogie checker buttons”? 
    I’m sure you want all of your friends to know your status!
    You all just let me know what you prefer!
    You have got to be so proud!
    I know you feel honored about this position…..and trust me… is not given lightly. 
    Guys… there???



    All right. I now have the truth…..let’s see what I can do with it.
    I will come up with an alternative to my “country shabby but not “chic” project fail………

    But in the meantime….you all let me know when you want the bloggy boogie buttons ; )
    I’m sure there will be a backorder.
    It must be a proud happy day for all of us!

    Your bloggy boogie free friend.

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