Custom art…

One of my FAVORITE memories…….
A photo taken on our honeymoon.
So, I couldn’t have been more pleased than when Romeo surprised me yesterday. 
He had hired a local, well known, artist to replicate our honeymoon photo!
It turned out beautifully! An oil painted canvas, mounted inside a distressed, gold antique frame.
It was a beautiful fit in our living area but more importantly for a few thousand dollars we were able to preserve a moment in time on canvas……
Aren’t we special?!
Watcha’ think?
All truth or fib?
Some truth or fib?
All flat out fib?
Truth.…..taken on our honeymoon. Favorite picture of that wonderful memory.
Romeo surprising me with commissioning a local artist to replicate our photo???
Flat out Fib! 
Dang….I’m getting good at this fib thing!

Truth…….got this baby at Salvation Army yesterday for $8.00!!!! 
How cool is that?
It so reminds me of our honeymoon photo.
Do you see the similarity?
Pulls the green from the kitchen and yellow from our living room……
I did think it was romantic though when Romeo pulled up at Salvation Army yesterday in the middle of running errands…..does that mean the “surprise part of my story” counts as 1/2 truth?


; )

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