Because you asked…….

When I posted our Monday giveaway post, many of you asked if the picture of the pool cabana and glimpse of pool is ours………….
It is!
We won it in a blogging championship contest for the great southeast divisional regionals of bloggerring professionals of America!
For real.
We did.
I’m a really good blogger and stuff.
That’s why I got such a big reward and all……
For real.
It was really cool……..
I’m a fibber.
 We plain ‘ole did it ourselves.
I was going to take some current pictures but we have had some really, really windy days and there are leaves everywhere….it looks sorta’ po-dunk and dirty… I am using last years pictures to just catch you up a bit.
I will do more details later this week with current pic’s.
This is the view of our pool from our back door and deck.
Yep….yep it is.
This is the view when you walk out our back door and look to the left.
Yep….yep it is.
Had to let those chairs go…..they look better in pic’s but they were rotting and dying.
Have a new grill now.
We won it in a blogging professionals of the east coast regional thing…….
Ok…we didn’t… was a gift from my hubbys brothers and sisters.
They  love him.
Coincidence! I do too!
When we stink after laying out……
We take a shower in here. 
Sometimes….Romeo just uses it when he doesn’t stink.
He just likes to shower outside.
For real.
I keep it stocked for guests with warm towels, special label edition spa products and a private masseuse…..
Ok….I don’t.
But I do put Suave shampoo and soap in it. 
You’re welcome.
I want to show you the inside later this week… it….I wonder what you will think.
The fireplace has some special secrets that make it look so cool.
But that’s for later.
Gotta love the suspense!
If you are sitting in the cabana you can see my office!
Come up the stairs and you can drop in.
Might freak me out a little…..but you could if you were stalking me or something.
Just be ready to file……I HATE filing!
And I need to keep you busy while I speed dial the police.
Bet you newcomers don’t know what this room used to be.
Not going to tell you.
But here is a hint. 
And another one……
I will show you how that turned out……
I couldn’t find a post with the after pics for some reason.
that will be later……
This is where my “real” job is.
Dang it.
Back to the pool…….
I did my curtains from dropcloth’s before I knew it was cool to use them…..
It was just cheap.
But the drop cloths had some issues…….
I will tell you about that later too.
Dang…..I’m good at bringing you in…..building the suspense………creating interest………..
Anyone want to nominate me for the blogging championship contest for the great southeast divisional regionals of bloggering professionals of America????

Anyone want to have a pool party????
~crowd roars!!!!~
I thought so….
I have so much to tell you guys about this area…..
But that’s for later.
Gotta’ come back.
I love when you stop by.
I do.
If you are here from a linky party……YIPEE!
Where have you been?
We cannot wait to meet you.
We are always having fun….
But you need to catch up.
This post is part of a series of the fun stuff in our outdoor living area, so here are the links to the following post that will fill you in.
Shewwwwww…….get busy people!
Can’t wait to show you around.
You will find our most recent post in our sidebar on the right….

Get caught up……you’ve missed some good stuff!


0 thoughts on “Because you asked…….

  • April 7, 2011 at 5:41 am

    So, do you have a little cottage in the back yard that can be rented? Seriously, we’re always looking for our next trip. We have 2 kids and a small dog. they’ll want to swim while we sit in the shade and will you be walking by offering “cocktails?” Will your hubby be BBQing? Steak and potatoes 1 night, and then carne Asada tacos another? Mmmm. (and this is why I had to buy a dress bathing suit!)


  • April 7, 2011 at 3:02 pm

    We have a kennel with a dog house. Will that work? Little open to the elements but you could get sun! See you soon! : ) Love, Me

  • April 7, 2011 at 9:05 pm

    Where exactly did you say you live?? Love the pool area, very professionally done and the shower hut sign is so clever!! Looking forward to tour(s)…..take care, VBg

  • April 8, 2011 at 1:16 am

    I thought that picture of the pool area was from last summer’s Pottery Barn catalog.

    I LOVE your office. What do you do for a living? Can you just answer the question, please? I’m not much for suspense and all that dangling about stuff!!! LOL!!!

    Great place to spend much of your life, out there….SC, right? Nice weather like 11 months out of the year!

    I went for a walk today and needed to wear my GLOVES AND A SCARF WRAPPED AROUND MY NECK AND my ears were about to fall off. But I LOVE NY!!!!!

    have a great night!

  • April 8, 2011 at 10:50 am

    Rebecca… what’s all this… I’ll tell you later stuff?!?!? Tell us now!! 🙂 The pool area is beautiful… I love the fireplace!! Ok… so I nominate you for the Best of the Best Blog of Reader Suspense and Surprise Championship of Blogging for the (RBAA) Regional Blogger Association of America’s Award ! I know it’s not the one you were going for but now you are entered into 2 categories!! LOL! 🙂


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