As God is my witness!

Remember this post?

And I didn’t?

And I had a really hard time when I tried to?

And I cut 747 squares instead of nine?
And my New/USED sewing machine got all gommed up?

And I had to take to my seamstress to help me finish?

And I sucked my thumb and curled up in the fetal position?
Just teasing on the last part.

I didn’t curl up….


I thought I would pose it like real life.
I like laying on my deck on my stomach and drinking wine outside of my living room, facing the pool.
At an angle.
I do.
For real.
Now….before you all get snappy and say this wasn’t my project because my seamstress had to help me salvage it……

Remember who came up with the idea of using Romeo’s old shirts for his daughter’s picnic blanket?

Remember who thought that 747 squares was much smarter than 9?
Remember who cut and pinned and cried over this?
So….I’ll take halfsies on it.
Fair enough?
Whatcha’ think?
Like it?

If it was free…..and it was a birthday present…..and Romeo was your dad and you loved him….

Would YOU like this present?

I hope so.

I really am proud of this project.
I love the thought of having your dads shirts, representing memories…as you make new ones.
Plus, she loves to picnic.

That is not a spot on the blue and white stripe section in the middle….it is in this borrowed camera lens.

I love the color of shirts used.
It is very summery.
Easy wash fabrics.

Look at the pocket in the middle….I LOVE IT!
Look at the little visitor in the top white square on the right.

When I picked up from the seamstress yesterday I noticed three different things immediately.

FIRST….she flinched when I walked in the door.
Just teasing.
Things I noticed that I wasn’t sure what to do about.

One.…she didn’t sew it inside out….like  a pillow case.
That caused a little bit of “poofiness”…..where it pulls up at the corners.
Make sure you do yours inside out like Centsational girl.

My solution….she hadn’t “tacked” the quilt together to the batting and blanket anywhere but the edges. I did by hand along the outer squares to keep the quilt from “rolling” up……
I also thought it might make it a little stronger when it would be washed.
Ummmm…you got the “by hand” part….

TWO…she forgot to do my strips of fabric to “tie” the picnic blanket up when finished.
She only charged me $20.00 to do all of the sewing of the pieces and finishing….so there was no way I was going to complain.
I still have Roman shades in my future….and I may need her.
So, last night I was trying to figure out what to do for “ties” for the blanket.
My sewing machine still looks like this…..

So whatever I came up with would have to be by hand…..
So this is what I did.
I cut the “button hole” section off of Romeos shirt.
It was finished on every end.
I then cut Velcro pieces for each end of the “tie back”.
I sewed it down in the corners….by hand….again…I FELT SO DOMESTICATED!

Look how cute the button hole looks.

Don’t look at the stitching…..
It is HARD to sew through Velcro by the way.
Especially with adhesive on the back.
It gets stuck to your needle and really hard to push and pull through.
Could I have done this anymore last minute in a cramped, messy area?

One of these days I am going to make all my photos fancy and you guys will be so impressed.
But until then……

Please note the cranberry juice right NEXT to my blanket.

Really came out neat.
Was exactly the look I wanted and easy!

Know what else I was thinking?
I could take the cuffs of his sleeves and do the same thing for napkin holders…….

So…..I made good on my promise and finished it!
I love this.
I cannot wait to make more of them.
For real.
What I learned:

For 20.00 my sewing machine may sit idle while I make more of them.

I will DEFINITELY cut bigger squares.


I will make sure that I sew inside out like a “pillow case” then reverse for finishing.

So…..what do you guys think?

This was such a cool idea that Centsational girl did.

I like my spin on it.

I think it is neat when we can take other peoples great ideas and make them into “ours”…..

 By the way

I noticed the other day that the picnic blankets which are so cheap at Walmart are on clearance…..

Go get ’em.

This is a great and fun project.

 Would love to hear what you think.

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0 thoughts on “As God is my witness!

  • May 12, 2011 at 3:44 am

    I am so proud of your work on the picnic blanket, I know your daughter will think it’s great too! The little pocket in the middle is so adorable!! And your strap idea was very original………what’s that saying about necessity being the mother of invention?? You are so cute Rebecca, you just crack me up ! I look forward to your posts so that I can have a good laugh every day!! Take care, VBg. Oh, I’m sure Romeo will love it as well!!

  • May 27, 2011 at 3:01 am

    Yes, I would love it…cause I do! How thoughtful to use his old shirts. I love that you’re so proud of it even more. Good job! Thanks for linking with air your laundry Friday!


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