Trick mirrors.

This used to be the view from our “playroom” over the garage into the rest of the upstairs.

You would come up the stairs, pass the kids rooms and the door would always be open letting in natural light.

When we closed the “garage office” off from the rest of the house……we lost half of the hallway.

And for the first few months we all about plowed face first into this shelf.

It has been a tough adjustment and I could not believe how much natural light it took away from the upstairs.

Plus, it just felt shut off.

And it made adjusting to a downsize of moving our office into our home……

Just a little tough to adjust to.

I have put off really ever doing something with the shelves.

And because this shelf was sort of a “sore spot”……

They would end up just crammed with stuff.

And it always felt like a wall in your face.

So, I was reading on Design Moms blog……

She takes you on tours through the home in France they are leasing this year……

Love her story and the way that they ended up in France…..

But anyways….in her sons room, the shutters have mirrors on the inside…facing the room…so when folded open they reflect the light from the windows….which got me thinking about that dead end wall.

This is not “chateau worthy” but…..

Using only what we had……I velcroe’d mirrors on each shelf. I didn’t want anything permanent in case my decor would change.

Imagine that?

The top mirror literally reflects that small can light out into the hall and the movement of your reflection fools you into a more spacious……feeling?

Did it sound like I knew what I was saying?

I do…but I don’t know if I am getting it across well.

I cannot tell you the difference this made in this hall this morning.

I would never have thought about hanging a mirror “in a shelf” but the mirror on the shutters, got me thinking.

Isn’t it neat how blogs can do that?

Making their ideas into our own.



What a differnce reflection….light…..movement made in this dead end hall.

Both were taken with the same camera on Auto, which used the flash for both shots……

Got a place that a cheap mirror could open up?

Can you even tell the difference from the photos?

So hard to really show it.

The difference for us….well, it won’t just be physical….I think it might be a bit of a  “mental” re-do or restore as well.

Much needed bit of light.

And who would have thunk I would have got the idea from mirrors on shutters……

Don’t ya’ love it?

Let me know what you think.



0 thoughts on “Trick mirrors.

  • May 26, 2011 at 12:23 pm

    Like it a lot. I wouldn’t think it would do much, but it actually does!

  • May 26, 2011 at 3:30 pm

    Rebecca, this is an AWESOME idea! May I honorably adopt (doesn’t that sound better than ‘steal’) it for my den bookcase? Our den is totally paneled and my sweet hubby goes into a DEEP depression if painting the wood is ever discussed. This would add so much light to the room!



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