Get your thinking caps on!

We went and had Romeo’s hearing test today…..I told you about it here……

Good thing for him.

He is NOT ignoring me……

Bad thing………

Going to go back next week to try out some handy dandy hearing aids.

We are going to have SO much to talk about!


I canNOT wait!

He doesn’t seem too excited to hear all I have to say???

; )

But anyways…..

After the Dr’s we stopped by Salvation Army and I took the plunge.

I hope, not off a cliff.

It’s an original…..pencil signed…….lithograph.

I think from the 80’s.

The artist is Will Moses.

A folklore artist.

Anyone know anything about this print?

Edition 291/500…lithograph….Titled: Moonlight Dancing. Pencil signature.

I consider myself the “google queen”. You can just call me Rebecca…..not “Your Highness”.

Not “Your hineyness” as my baby brother would have said either…….


I can usually find anything online.

I cannot find this specific print.

Have I been schnookered?

Alrighty people……get your thinking caps on…..your google fingers ready.

Can anyone help me?

Was it worth $1,000.00?

I’m a liar….I didn’t spend a thousand. I know you are surprised.

You know me…….I shell that cash out like candy!

Got a deal but I am trying to figure out it’s worth.

Help me people!

It is driving me insane!


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