Table re-do part 1

I have no professional knowledge in furniture staining…painting etc….
I am AWFUL at even reading other people’s tutorials because I get so bored with details.
I know…..
I’m hideous.


I am going to keep this table, tutorial  stuff as simple as I really do it.

That’s means….

It’s not perfect.

If you liked my table…I’m just telling you how I did MY table.

Is it obvious I don’t feel qualified to tell anyone how to do this?

I just know…if I can…you can, so I want you to know how I did this table.

It worked for my coffee table re-do as well….so I know so far…so good ; )

First ingredient I started with….

Furniture I chose….

I knew that I wanted to tackle a stained and painted combination piece

So, for me….this table was a perfect choice.

I didn’t have to strip anything…..just sand.

And I just used my palm “hand powered” sander : )

About 30 minutes is all it took.

If you are really thorough….you may want to strip the top….
I took the sandpaper to it and could tell that the age and condition of the previous layer was brittle enough to come off with sanding.
I’m lazy. ..I went with sanding ONLY.

Test an area on your piece and see which route you need.


I have a belt sander from Craigslist but I didn’t want to try to learn how to use it on this project nor did I think it was needed…….I used a cheapy little sand paper holder.

I only say cheap as in….”it’s NOT expensive”.

I have used it alot and it has held up really well.

I started with a heavier grade paper and worked my way down to fine…..

It was not alot of “working” my way down……I only changed the type of sand paper once.

This was the table halfway sanded…..

And with some funky color mode on the camera.

I am still trying to figure out how to take better pic’s : )


While you are sanding….This is what you just need to make sure you look for.

See, the little leftover patches of stain or glaze or whatever that is….??? They are like the yellow spots on the wood…..

I knew this ALL had to be removed or it would affect how any new stain went down.

I would look for those spots and keep sanding away, until they were all removed.

That’s all I really did on the top.

Just kept sanding until I didn’t see anything left.

Then with a finer paper…I sanded until it felt smooth under my hand.


Sanding is MESSY.

If you can….do it outside. Even in a garage….there will be fine dust everywhere.

I chose outside on drop cloths.


I only sanded this well….this thoroughly…. because I knew I wanted stain the top of the table.

For the legs and chairs…..I just lightly sanded…..
Just for the paint to stick better…not to remove any previous stain or paint.


My paint I used….

Left over from my coffee table re-do… sticks really well.

My coffee table…I primed…this piece, I didn’t feel needed the priming.

I just lightly sanded instead.

You may need priming or heavier sanding. Your paint will be an important factor.

I like this paint because of it’s creaminess on my coffee table and “whiter” look without being bright white. It also doesn’t leave brush strokes.

I still have half a can left and intend to get one more large project from it….so a pretty good deal if you are going to use on several projects.



I then take warm soapy water and a soft rag and wash my piece.

I wring out the rag well….I don’t want the table soaked.

Then I let it totally dry.

It is just damp…so for me, it was almost dry in 15 minutes.

Easy enough on sanding?

Next part…..painting and distressing.

These things stress me out.

Let me know if you could follow….

Give me your feedback.

Gonna’ get the next steps out in a bit!


0 thoughts on “Table re-do part 1

  • June 12, 2011 at 10:23 pm

    That didn’t look too hard………so far. You know why I love A.S.’s chalk paint? No sanding and No priming! Yaayyyyyy!! Talk about lazy…..that’s me, as long as the result looks good! I’m anxious to see the rest of your process since the end product is so fabulous! ……….waiting!!
    Take care, VBg

  • June 22, 2011 at 8:50 pm

    i found you on debbiedoos…i was looking for a new table, rather an old table, and chairs to paint…i can’t find anything vintage so i am thinking about doing this…thanks for the tutorial…


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