Holy Shmoly People.

Could I have bombarded you guys anymore than I did with the 747 posts all in one email today?

I am such a doof wad stupid head!

I got my brain working early this morning and thought…..

I will get my posts done for a couple of days.

You know….stay ahead of the game.

Impress you guys.

That way….it wouldn’t make the tutorials overwhelming.

Send them out in little batches………

You guys were going to think I was sooooooo cool.

That no one gave such good tutorials.

Someone would probably write a poem about me.

Someone else would dedicate their blog post to me on super awesome tutorials…..

My facebook would grow….more people would sign up to emails……

It was going to be great.


If I were you……

My eyes would have rolled back in my head and I would have taken my name off that mailing list so fast….heads would have spinned.

I would have filed harassment charges!

Reported me to the blog police!

But you’re not me…..are you?

Don’t you want to be sweet and gracious?

Pretty please…..

I will learn how to “save” and NOT “publish”….I promise.

Besides…..now I have to wait to tell you guys who the heck I got a letter from today…….

Because I don’t want to harass you anymore….

I mean…..I know where the line is….I’m not stupid….and I do NOT want to cross it!

Because I know to give you your space.

And when you are ready……I think you will be curious as to what this “HAND WRITTEN” letter said in response to this post………here……where I was asking for your help.

Can you guess what it said?

Could it be????

A. I am going to arrested for stolen artwork.

B. It is a forgery, this art work was never published.

C. Limited editions just mean…..lot’s of them out there.

D. They didn’t know who the heck I was and could care less…..it’s a form letter.

E. I’m a genius and need to be an art researcher!

Well….don’t worry! Because I was such a pest today….I will wait to tell you guys!

I DO NOT want to be a pain in your hineys!

And when you are ready…..I will share the letter but not before…..no sirree……..

I want to stay on good terms!


Your little blessing.


0 thoughts on “Holy Shmoly People.

  • June 13, 2011 at 1:04 pm

    Now is not the time to keep us waiting!! Tell us! NOW! Oops, sorry. I haven’t had my coffe yet. It’s okay, tell us when you feel like it. “Gnashing of teeth, cracking of knuckles, tapping of foot”.

  • June 14, 2011 at 2:10 am

    Ok, I’m ready!! I’m guessing “A” you are going to be arrested for stolen art work.
    And stop calling yourself bad names…..they will stick you know, like making faces!! My Mom said, so don’t argue!!
    Let’s see what we can do about fulfilling all your wishes;
    #1 I think you’re so cool and do the best tutorials ever!!
    Rebecca is the best tutorial writer,
    Even if she can’t tell publish from save,
    No matter how many posts she sends in a day,
    She’s will always be my fave.
    How’s that for poetry?? Can’t feature you on my blog cause I don’t have one!
    #4 Can’t help you on Facebook either but one of my daughters is into that I’ll tell her to tell all
    her friends to like you! How’s that??
    Now if someone will write some real poetry and dedicate a blog to you and like you on Facebook you’ll be set!
    Have a great day, take care, VBg


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