A story about a man named Moses…..part 2. (The conclusion)

Ok….if you didn’t read part 1.….you may want to catch up.

We will get to this….I promise…..

We left off with Grandma Moses and Thomas and their five surviving children moving to Hoosick, NY after losing their farm in a fire.
Not long after they were there, they were able to purchase a dairy farm and called it Mount Nebo.
Her husband Thomas died there in 1927 and she was a widow at the age of 67. Her son Forrest and his family continued to work the farm and so did Anna (Grandma).

Grandma Moses went to care for her sick daughter for a time who introduced her to pictures reproduced in yarn and challenged her to duplicate it. She did and began giving away her “worsted” works to many as gifts. She continued this until arthritis kept her from doing so.

Grandma Moses had dabbled in painting from time to time.
Her earliest known work is every DIY’ers story……When they moved back to NY….she was wallpapering her kitchen and ……… SHE RAN OUT OF WALLPAPER!
So, what did she do?  
She got white paper and did a mural, to cover the empty spot.


It hangs in a museum today.

To shorten this story and get to her great grandson Will, I had better move along more quickly.
But….absorb these facts.

She stopped yarn embroidery and did NOT really start painting until she was 76 years old!
Have you ever thought you had already lived your life…..completed the plan that was set out for you?
Started your blog and thought…..where am I even going to go with this???
Life takes time to live. (that’s deep isn’t it?)

Grandma Moses began painting at 76 and in about two years…..

She became a superstar….not willfully or suddenly but nonetheless.

She had always been known as a hard worker…..a DIY’er in her day like you and I in today.

But….she never even began her “career” that made her famous until she was 76.
I don’t even care about the famous part.

It changed her families history.
Her way of making the best of circumstances in her life……created a heritage for her children….and grandchildren.
Her paintings are now valued at over 100,000.00!


It didn’t stop there.

Her son….Will’s grandfather….he was so busy working their farm that he did NOT start painting until he was 56!
His paintings are now worth approx 10-20k….. There are not as many and he died right before he was going to have his first big gallery showing. : ( They have been in a private collection in Canada since then.


There is so much to her story that I would love to tell you guys but that is MY love of history and I know you just want the details.

So, to wrap it up…..
Anna begat Forrest who begat Will’s dad (I can’t find his name!) Will’s dad begat Will and that leads to this………..Will being the great grandson of Anna.

His paintings took on the same style as his great grandmother.

And the tradition continued.

So…..that leaves you to the one I found.

It is called a “lithograph”……..it is pencil signed and numbered.

This is a excerpt from Will’s biography:
And we work to keep the integrity and collectability of the art intact by offering small ‘one time’ editions limited to the stated number.” Additionally, each art print is

personally signed and numbered by Will.

While many art publishers have in recent times gone to huge editions, sometimes with follow on editions and use mechanical autograph signing machines, we have taken and proudly maintain the road less traveled. (thank you will! Yipee!)

Will and his wife live in the old family dairy farm. Mt Nebo. They are humble and unassuming and opened a gallery on the same road as the farm and this was their quote regarding the gallery:
We like to keep things simple and hopefully efficient. We give every customer prompt and personal attention. 

And they really do!

Because when we all couldn’t find the value of the piece online….I emailed the gallery and really didn’t know if they would even respond.

But they did.

Personally with a hand-written letter. (just like they stated about their gallery)

  Isn’t that neato?


Mine is in the original numbered and matted frame from the gallery.

Isn’t that neato?

What is really neat though is that I hadn’t told you guys this part yet…..I was tooooooooo excited!

But there were 7 other pictures AT THE THRIFT STORE….I just didn’t want to pay 6.00 a piece if I wasn’t sure they were worth anything.

You know what I mean? That would have been 42.00. I did NOT want to take that chance!
I asked them to hold them until Monday morning….they did.

So, yesterday my hubby and I went and purchased them all….first we told the thrift store of their value and they were great about it and still and told us to buy them all. They also told us they expected more and we said we would buy them for 20.00 a piece and they were soooo excited and flattered that we would offer more. I even offered to help them list but they said they cannot do that….they wanted us to buy them!!!!


Can you believe that!!!!!

Can you????

Isn’t it unreal????

Isn’t it????


It is……hee hee….

I just thought it might help with any green eyed monsters out there. Don’t worry….I only got one. : )

But I was excited about the value of the ONE I  did get. Dang…..my whole living room decor, furniture, kitchen…heck downstairs…isn’t worth 1000.00 let alone one picture being worth that! ; )

To be honest though….this is no lie.

The history impacted me more. Grandma Moses was a diy’er in every sense of the word. She found her passion at 76 years of age!

I am being faced with new career challenges and just changes in life and feeling like…….at my age?
Does that make my other years wasted?
Heck no!
Would Grandma Moses take away the 75 years from prior to being discovered painting.
I think not!
That part of her history is what is so neat to read about.

What I’m getting to….is the value is neat….it is.

But the history is special.

It is meaningful.

I told you all the other day……you have become part of my story.

And I have no way how it is going to end!

That is the neat part.

It’s not over.

Neither is your story.

We have so many more chapters to write.
Have you thought about the fact that the “biggest” part of your story may be still waiting to happen?
Not the most special….or the best…..but maybe there are chapters out there that you NEVER expected.

Let me know what you think about the value of the painting but also what you think about the value of the history.

Sorry so long but I knew if I threw one more history lesson in there and didn’t finish it up today…..my little ADHD DIY followers eyes would roll back in their heads.

Talk to me people!

Let me know your thoughts!



ps. cool links if you want to read the good stuff!

0 thoughts on “A story about a man named Moses…..part 2. (The conclusion)

  • June 15, 2011 at 1:47 pm

    Oh you little poop you. Teasing us with the part about having more. Love her story though. Wish I was half as talented as she and her family. Love that her family is still producing paintings and can have the time to handwrite a letter to you too!

  • June 15, 2011 at 6:46 pm

    Great Story, I have to admit it was long getting there but the end was pretty cool and I hope we have many more chapters to write as well.  I feel the older I get the more I want to do.  Youth truly is wasted on the young….

  • June 16, 2011 at 1:46 pm

    That’s such a great story, Rebecca! Thanks for the history, the thoughtful comments and the encouragement.
    I am always saddened when people tell me that they are unhappy about their next birthday….life is such an amazing gift….


  • June 17, 2011 at 3:45 am

    I enjoyed the story behind the value very much.  I appreciate the time it took for you to share that special story with us all.  Congrats on yoru wondeful find and new knowledge.

  • July 16, 2012 at 12:23 pm

    funny how things get passed down through families… my family use to speak of grandma moses, but I didn’t know she was REAL! hahahah

    lucky you! I’ll have to remember this story-which will cause me even MORE pains when I think of painting over artwork for a chalkboard!



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