Lamp Tutorial

Simple and sweet….the name of the game.

Step 1:
Get a bugly (butt+ugly)…… lamp.


Step 2:
Use old “bugly” shade as your lamp stand.


Step 3:
Wipe down lamp with damp paper towel to remove crud. Gross out when some of that crud has some persons  hair in it…….

Get your nozzle…..get your can……paint away.


Step 4:
Find out that “getting fascinated” with how much the metallic spray paint looks like mercury in a thermometer, when you keep spraying it,  can distract you into over applying.

Which can create this.

No biggie though….let it dry in your 400 degree temperature outside and just lightly sand…..

Wipe clean again…..and just re-apply more paint.

That simple!

I told you!
Literally one of my FAVORITE projects because it was SOOOOOO easy!

I used half a can……….I see something else shiny in my future!

Can you believe how easy?

Think you will try?

It does NOT look painted.

It truly looks like a shiny metallic finish!

Therefore the description on their can……

Dang……they are good! That was smart of ’em. Wasn’t it?

I’m telling you guys.

This stuff was neat.

I want to do one of these…..

Antique Mercury Glass Table & Bedside Lamps

Wouldn’t you love me to death if I did?

I haven’t.

But wouldn’t you…… just like…make me like a “blog beauty queen” if I did?

I am going to nominate myself.

I think that may be the only way I will get into the running……

I am so going to do this.

Want to try it with me?

Let’s do it!

Let me know.
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0 thoughts on “Lamp Tutorial

  • June 21, 2011 at 1:12 pm

    You are already the blog queen to me, sweet Rebecca!!! Now that I have said nice things about you, I would love for you to show us how to do a mercury glass look alike….

  • June 21, 2011 at 4:52 pm

    I think I’ll nominate you as the “Make me laugh Makeover Tutorial/CL Steal Finder/Blog Beauty Queen!! Do I hear any seconds out there?? Cute, funny, informative tutorial Queen was not descriptive enough for all your major talents! Thanks for the tute of the lamp makeover………..
    I want that shade!! It Rocks!! Please do try the PB lamps they are Beeautiful!! I’m ready to give them a try!! Take care, VBg

  • June 21, 2011 at 5:18 pm

    You are totally my blog queen. Do it, do it, do it. Spray the beejeebers out of the other lamps! DO IT!!


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